the music that can't be seen, but felt
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i'm done with this.
ord loh!

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9.08.2009 its been a while here. real dusty place.

anyway now that army open house is finally over, that just means a couple of months to freedom. well, not that soldiers are all complaining so much that we seem to be in painful captivity the moment we leave for camps. its just..i suppose we can afford a different way to life than before, the moment we step out with the pink i/c. was reading about this guy's insistence on not leading a "planned" life, but instead how its more about how we react to opportunities and the turn of crossroads. and it does make sense. seems like what the year has been for myself.

ok and i had the flight of my life a few days back! everyone should go check out the flying fox attraction in sentosa. and the physically demanding obstacle course with an amazing view from the top. the crew there was just quite awesome in their own ways.. and not forgetting how my partner for the day faithfully fulfilled a demanding wish. haha how nice my friends all are. just like the day before at the little dance corner in vivo. *stage clear!* i'm gonna be part of the stage ensemble for the local musical, broadway beng. first couple of weeks of december at esplanade theatre. and it looks pretty good so that's two reasons to catch it friends:)

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