the music that can't be seen, but felt
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i didn't really know how this year would turn out; still haven't, actually. and frankly i've been spending the past few months still thinking about why certain things that went wrong did go wrong. every single day. and night. all questions and no answers. but strange to say, 2009 has sort of been a picking-up-the-pieces kinda term for me. trying to get through things, try out different things along the same hopeful path, and at the same time trying to make sure i do so without having any regrets. sorting out the mess and getting things in place academically, musically etc. and its been turning out quite fine. perhaps there won't be such a thing as landing straight right into the deeper end of the pits, if we could actually change our perspective of things.

the year could've been hell worse.

i was so thankful and relieved to receive the phone call on friday. and i thought i'd get to rest after tmr's concert! and so i received a letter today informing me about the trumpet exam is in exactly a month's time apparently! good luck yingda, you'll need it. TONS. haha man.

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just ended a busily satisfying fortnight with the orchestra.
and chanced upon ennio morricone's the crisis in my nano..good stuff.

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