the music that can't be seen, but felt
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'seven pounds' is a film with underrated subtleness. really good show, not in the bedtime-stories way, though its probably one of those subjective shows around. and it nicely rounds up the crazy year..which truly had been longer and harder than expected.

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had an early christmas dinner for the year last night, with na and tang, and it was just awesome. the company and the foooood. the self-bought ingredients and self-prepared dishes. and the doc helmed the kitchen. haha. looking forward to feb, or the next gathering, and a return visit in melbourne man. and cheers to four years and counting! ever since the three of us bumped into each other randomly in the very same ice-breaker games group at nco camp ages back.. okay maybe not too randomly that they both ended up in the same group, tsk. haha. merry christmas!

a little less than a year ago and the most recent picture i could find. so na owes many many photos, yes both the nice and bloody embarassing ones haha.

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six more working days for the year.
and glad i did the run on sunday. therapeutic.

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