the music that can't be seen, but felt
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victor borge, pure musical genius! and the art of improvising.

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bittersweet. a few more months till the end of the year. the most unpredictable one yet, with the highest highs and lowest lows. going back into camp in an hour after a good long stretch of being at home.

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it was quite an experience to attend the wedding ceremony and dinner yesterday. and to be part of it too. and to catch up with jacq and beng. though i guess i'd be remembered as the trumpeter who made this little boy stop and stare while he was walking down the aisle. haha. he's not even 2, looked so good in this suit, and he was actually walking in front of the bridesmaids and bride and dad down the aisle, when he just froze halfway through (where i was standing and playing away), looked at my trumpet and started wondering what in the world was that noisy golden thing! (i guess) haha. damn innocently cute. reminding everyone about the innocent little people we all actually start out as.anyway these moments were shown later on at the dinner at night, in this really unbelievably-made video about the events for those who missed the afternoon ceremony and to sum up the whole day for the couple. very, very amazingly done and i think it'd mean enough for them. and i thought the whole thing was quite nicely done, what with the really good live jazz band at the dinner. and a very interesting, if overused, quote that the emcee shared, "No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying." at least now i know what kinda music i'd want in the far, far future. darn i should've taken a photo with the little boy. haha.

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