the music that can't be seen, but felt
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czech basking love. rounding up a hell of a week.

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i can't wait to get back to practising daily. the gradual losing of faith in my lips and the instrument is more partly of my own doing, besides the irregular scheduling. involvement in alumni and the wedding gig makes it all the more guilty.
keep me on track, please.

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i just woke up at 4.45am (20 mins ago), realizing that i'd just dreamt about a certain ms tang and a mr yeo with long hair. and then i was asking them, 'you guys are back so early?'
apparently, some dreams are just our imagination, and they truly are, but this time round the dream really meant something. an a appetiser to what happened next?

and two minutes later, i received a msg from switzerland at abt 10.47pm swiss time (they played at 7.30pm) frm ms tang.
acjcband. "gold. highest. score. 93. point. smth. omg."

dreams are really scary eh? haha.
i hate them too. now i wish even more that i was there.
congrats guys!

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