the music that can't be seen, but felt
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today is tea-for-dinner day. right, haha. whatever it means.
second range this weekend, and 9-week course starts late next week.
exciting soldiering days ahead.

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the music we shared, and the attempts to rediscover the moments of magic on nano and friday nights.
the music we share, and the lyrics.

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i was flipping through various concert letters, photos and all. throughout the years, all the way from '05. bittersweet. the drifting friendships, and the ones that have stayed, or even gone stronger so fortunately. i guess i've always felt like a j1, somehow. probably because of how my seniors have genuinely been. alumni band, hmm. im hoping for the best for the current acband batch. and the mad but yet-to-be-inspired trumpettos. if only they had more faith in their abilities, the band itself also. samuel once reminded me to trust.

i haven't really been describing my bookouts and weekends or nights outs here, because amazing is such an understatement and its really more than words. wishing that mahjong sessions with zhiwen, tang and sa will be a regular pastime all the way past 40, when our little kids play around whoever's house while we're struggling to make one round under three hours, and all the way past 80++ when we complete the "east" round in just under three hours. =)

emo. by the way the pole is supposed to be artistic.. tsk.

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a week of many saturdays just makes things harder when i have to return to serve.
i've got much to say but i don't know where to begin.
perhaps another day.

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