the music that can't be seen, but felt
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this marks the end of a week of muse and unspendable funorama coupons. plus an unexpectedly relaxed re-enlistment. partly gotten over the postings, and appreciate the encouragement and words from a few peers, seniors.

i'm supposed to meet my ten other mechanised engineers-to-be in ten minutes time at, choa chu kang? which i think is quite near to the area where i'm at now haha. not that it helps that some of them travel all the way down from simei, but..yeah. cck to pasir ris wasn't very funny either.

live recording of the super mario galaxy orchestra soundtrack is addictive! youtube it if interested. courtesy of cheehao, whom i think is having fun playing with bombs in the explosives squad now haha.

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it actually is scary, how this whole interdependence thing works.

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rounded off a rough day yesterday at harry's at night, just in time to catch paul ponnudorai on guitar. two words, very distracting! not in a negative sense. although he was out of sight literally, haha no thanks to some dodobird's wise choice of seats, the music was engaging. i can't exactly rmb what i heard, but mostly his own unique renditions of the usual classics, a bit of august rush-esque acoustic sounds. oh yes and the 'happy birthday' song. interesting use of chord colours, reminded me of this hymn yibin played at his recital last year. "soaking in the atmosphere" ya.

hmm. monday will be interesting.

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out of tekong! nothing much to say though, except last night's oboe recital was really an eye-opener. and it makes the whole passion/practicality issue come running back again.

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so what's real and what matters most?

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eastman wind's festive
wish me luck for band auditions in a couple of hours' time.
i need the music back. can't wait to be in the audience for acswo&muse and soak it all in.

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