the music that can't be seen, but felt
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back. just returned from our last-saturday-of-the-year trumpet section bbq. i guess its one of those events that's meaningful enough to note down and remember, yet to not want to describe because no texts can actually describe perfectly the feel of being through it. you get the drift.. and we were talking about how fast time really really flies. and i was thinking how we were just madly trying to double tongue the last passages of 1812 overture and perfect the trumpet soli in barnes' fantasy variations; seemingly yesterday.

the past few weeks have been brimming with questions. and some answers.

anyway, copypasted photos of a night out at the dessert bar after xmas concert below-
oh and for some reason mr yeo is damn red. even without much wine yet haha.

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richard strauss: Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche!

performed 21:27 ©

i'm feeling a sudden rush of russian music. i think i love russian music, haha it just gets your adrenaline running, and yes for other reasons too. running notes in my head currently are from the overtures festive and 1812, plus the philwinds-encored shostakovich piece at their penultimate concert. bravo tchaikovsky and shosty. stravinsky..well to a certain extent like his firebird. studying music has not exactly led me to appreciate his neoclassicism though.

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