the music that can't be seen, but felt
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the song just came back again, and again, as if it were saying something.

anyway, forty plus more days before a holiday at tekong.
past few days were nothing short of treasured fun and moments.
something like endless waits, a mega food tour in a single day, biking and mahjonging for hours straight, sharing an unbrella in the most unimaginable fashion(haha!), camwhoring in the cinema, and making music.

yatta! time doesn't pause for no man though.

performed 21:15 ©

if you're a fan of milhaud or brazillian rhythms..
if you missed or miss the sounds of boston brass..
if you can't live without that trombone of yours..
if you're just bored..
oh, and for the improvisers! just watch this la. its the best. haha.

aye. at least my lips are..still dry.

performed 23:27 ©

a couple of hours off from hitting the texts and scores, i was away watching the illusionist. haha.
all i can take away from the show (which is not unlike the prestige) was the film music by philip glass. its amazing how glass' supporting role can elaborate the plot so much further. i want to try something like that in the future. film music! no no, not exactly the type in jay chou's secrets..haha.

performed 12:39 ©

alive and struggling, with the bittersweet aftertastes..
this will be over soon, or won't it?

performed 22:25 ©