the music that can't be seen, but felt
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feste romane,
brass sextet.

performed 01:47 ©

what if these guys were around?
syf soundcheck '07.

performed 01:40 ©

i'm listening to the hunchback of notredame, the one we played about 12 months ago.
too many questions, too little answers.
too many similar questions, too little heartfelt answers.
underpreparation repeats itself again, the cycle continues.

maybe we never asked ourselves whether why, rather than what we're fighting for, is right in the first place.

okay bandcamp!

performed 01:17 ©

just for laughs!, my cousin's video of our super cute and talented two year old cousin; she's the next Peter Schmeichel, catching soccer balls and lining up thundering 70 yards long ladies' shoes! haha.

performed 21:53 ©

the thought of playing in an orchestra or band, without the same few people around, isn't a welcoming one. haha. berlinphil's scheherazade! gush.
anyway, sunday night at 'amirah's grill' with 5th godma, ra-ra amirah, and a sixth of the sextet,dom..

performed 13:17 ©