the music that can't be seen, but felt
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time to stop running away.
for some, maybe not.

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random days.
fresh days. doing things you've never quite done before, for a long time.
maybe fresh is a good substitute, cause you realised situations are contrastingly different.

i can't control my stupid fingers when attempting to play something on the piano.
when the harmonic progressions don't sound the way they should, the way you want, its frustrating. when things that might have been in your control aren't.
the past few days have been spent re-discovering music.
rimsky-korsakov's genius thematic creations. scheherazade.
gershwin's drive. an american in paris. composers are really geniuses.
chopin's smooth churning-outs. c#minor. gminor.
craig armstrong. glasgow and portuguese.
as always, arturo's rendition of a night in tunisia.

okay okay. attempts shall be made to finish the couple of econs notes, a chinese essay, and to not be restricted by music now! goodnight.

random. there's not much point in playing music if we aren't enjoying playing it for each other.

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two years back then, it was time after hearing tons of singapore rhapsodies with a fellow school ponner. haha anyway. it was time. the guys spoke. i won't forget turning to my right and seeing their reactions. then walking down. past the glass door, a respected senior with his head down staring blankly at what might be defeat in his eyes then. a sense of helplessness on my way home even though it was a gruelling a math paper the next day. nth much else was on my mind except their expressions that night.

two years ahead.
it came as a shock- how fast it was approaching. how it dawned on me the day before. it really is about only when we are put into certain situations then can we even think of looking at things in certain ways we never thought we will. or never thought that we will even feel like that. if there's one thing i've learnt, it's about not having any regrets. that's the bottom line. unfortunately i still have a few of those. but it doesn't matter as much now right?

syf '05 and '07 are unique in their own sense.
at the end of the day, no matter what we received or more importantly, felt that we should have received, i'll still go for the process. its funny when at times like this, we always have to try to talk about the positives than any negatives. the announcement was a relief. a relief to my playing, our playing, and the memories of those twenty four months back. getting back on track towards looking at a half-full glass, the announcement was a signal calling out for thrashing of technicality by musicality, intonation and intensity over intonation and nothing else much, and passion over perfection.

the sunday practices won't be forgotten and will be missed.
especially when i'm not even the crazy one initiating them.
the bunch of 5 girls and 3 guys practising/tuning and jumping around onstage itself.
the soprano sax, the jazzy alto sax, the man.
the guys who rocked ac after rocking SCH.
surviving on french vanilla coffee while writing away with each other at sam's.
acbandits elders who still return to lt4 to serve bubble teas etc.
the men and women who have no choice but to sign up for the 'perfection' school of thought, sectionals after sectionals.
the list goes on.

i'm really not sure where we go from here.
i don't have the balls to be sure, haha.
if only everything was as perfect as the tuning note eh?

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