the music that can't be seen, but felt
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extended chords are dangerous, even when they seem the most likely to resemble hope.

listening to: the inn of sixth happinness, acsiband'07

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music therapy.

the inn of sixth happiness.
hustle-bustle of the chordal progressions can't exactly be described by words. or rather, by my very-duper-limited vocabulary. the harmonic progressions really brings us from one end to another, with a wee bit of tiny yet crucial climatic points. the little bit of jazz and extended chords too. i guess the most important ingredient was that its the acsiband who's performing it. if only every single one was genuinely playing through the progressions and enjoying the composer's ingenius musical language. heartfelt.

chopin's nocturnes,ballades,polonaises.
i think some of his music can really express something words can't. the scene in the pianist will be stuck to my memory for quite awhile for sure.. szpilman cutting a forlorn figure at the piano, telling his story as his fingers brush against the black and white keys. no wonder we hear people say that you can't play something well if you can't feel for it. cliche but its true. its like operas; even more heartfelt in the film because the story behind the music's the real deal. a good show. good music. but nobody ever learns.

try as we might, but music can never be a total escape. it's temporary, just like how you start thinking about how things could have been, should have been all of a sudden because its been a long week and some things or people seem to affect you so much. it's this tiny cycle, though vicious shouldn't be used to describe it. it's temporary, cause the music won't be there forever for every single second. every morning, the hope comes rushing back in; can this go on for another long period of time?

listening to: chopin, chopin and more chopin

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i've a niggling feeling that i've got so much more to catch up on now that i've missed the ih lesson today. anyhow, islamic fundamentalism does trump the other global economy et cetra stuff that we have to plonk through notes after notes about.

mark, i couldn't make it in the end; i know what you mean, though. haha, we still have to meet up okay. don't ask why but i suddenly remember the damn nice oboe melody of the set piece we all heard during our final warmup in the backstage tuning room at SCH less than 2 years and a week ago. the one, along with the best warmup we had, that revealed what was gonna happen in the next minutes/hours/days of that week.

chenyi, i viewed them already! haha so exciting. nice, nice little speech you had, most importantly about your reason for music-making. i knew you were gonna comment slightly about the other gender somehow haha. i don't think acjc's concert can be found anywhere on youtube..guess you aren't as lucky. lol. i only wished i was able to watch you perform there at the cpa physically. ahh.

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times with the acsi mates will stay all the way. thanks bros.

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i wish i can say how difficult things can get.
i wish i can tell you how much i want, or don't want, to say.
there's too many things to want to talk about,
and too many to not want to talk about.
silence is deafening. zero silence may make it worse.
i'm so sorry.

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i'm sorry.

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sleeping was supposed to help.
but i'm getting shocked by the increasingly number of dreams i'm having that are of the same's scary how much this is affecting me.

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