the music that can't be seen, but felt
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no comments - a good thing, or bad?

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"send us some guidance from above,
'cause people got me, got me questioning.."

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tien commandment numero eight.

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never underestimate how mad the jayones can be. looney, physically unstable! and downright wacky.. hmm maybe it takes one to know one, hahaha. anyhow, to any j1 who's here, i know its damn tough to adapt to the band, but keep pushing ya. you'll get what you deserve on concert night.
trumpet exam's finally over.. oh weit, its not my paper, there's still like four more to go for the same songs over and over again.
terms. night.

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hey you! :) come on down for an evening of intense, heart-felt music by the ACJC concert band at the Esplanade! catch the 5 bands at the price of 1; guest bands include bands from ACSI, ACSI(IB), ACSBR as well as the ACS Combined Band where we'll be belting out the Phantom Of The Opera in the spirit of unity, amongst a few of the ACS schools.more details below, hope to see you there at 7.30pm on April 1st, and no, it really isn't an April Fools' joke.. (in case you're still wondering..yes, it really isn't! support your fellow musicians!)

Anglo-Chinese Junior College's Annual Band Concert - Muse Esplanade Concert Hall
1st April, Sunday, 7.30pm
under the batons of: Dr Lee Tian Tee, Mr Lim Tee Heong

ACJC Concert Band!
Festive Overture
Feste Romane (Roman Festivals)
Colonial Song
March from Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber
Tosca (from the Third Act)

ACS(I) Wind Ensemble!
Ghost Train
Second Suite In F

ACS(I) Symphonic Band!
Variations On A Korean Folk Song
Chorale and Shaker Dance

ACS(BR) Concert Band!

Anglo-Chinese School Combined Band!
Phantom Of The Opera (featuring organ & harps)

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its not about having too much to say;
its about not wanting to say too much.

its a period we have to get through together with, somehow.
and i want to understand myself more.

go acband. j1s,j2s,j3s,j4s,tchers,alumnis,drlee,acjc. the best is now.

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one, some questions will never leave any answers.
two, my eyes aren't feeling like that for not sleeping well the past few days.
three, i want fifth march to make a difference, really. really. strength inside you never knew.
four, four more weeks.

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emotional baggage, in excess.

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