the music that can't be seen, but felt
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i just came across an article on lee wei kong, and its quite heartwarming.
i'll always remember him as the confeedently tall CKS house captain in acsi, and the ever-reliable rugby player, the non-typical rugger also. so the news two years back was hard to swallow. miracles can happen, and he's now embarking on an arts course in lasalle.
inspiring indeed.

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music, an escape for you?

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when all else fails.. take a seat and listen to tosca. mhmm.

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holding onto the kite, you struggle to control it against nature, the strong winds.
on the verge of being detached, you keep it hanging, pulling it back.
the weather gets better. you let it go slightly.
now its a matter of when to release or pullback. and how much.

then you pause. and take a step back.
and wonder if you should even be the one holding onto the kite in the first place.

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