the music that can't be seen, but felt
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"being a good musician isn't all about being able to play all the correct notes.
it isn't about fame
it isn't about how many cds you've recorded
it isn't about how good a conductor you are
it isn't about how many tours you've gone on
it isn't about the amount of musical knowledge you have
it isn't about receiving an mep scholarship
it isn't about receiving an atcl certificate
it isn't about studying music at university
it isn't about winning many competitions
there are so many things being a musician really isn't about.
what's most important about a good musician is the heart.
the ability to touch others lives through music
the dedication
it doesn't matter if you only touch a handful of lives
or give an imperfect performance
it is about the relationships built. the inspiration shared.
i don't know if music is eternal. but one thing's for sure, the things that are not seen, like the human soul, and relationships are.
some of the things you see above under what being a good musician isnt about are what my heart desires. but after today, it all doesn't matter anymore. because i have found my purpose for my music." -chen yi

i'm so sorry for all the missed chances to watch you play.. give it your best! i know you will.

i'm very tired. always very tired, so it doesn't make much of a difference.haha. nowadays i'm even more convinced of what i'd like to do; i still have a heck lot to learn, but the past few days or weeks have helped push myself. i'm really grateful the seniors came back, not just to push the standard up, but to spend more time together; i'm grateful for THE sunday night practice, my section, ahh. not expecting too much from the concert, just the few of us' best.

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september ended long ago.
wake up.

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paganini: moto perpetuo, op.11
wynton marsalis & eastman w.e., classic wynton

seamless, perpetual, crazy.

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entering acjc in a very 'cushioned' manner, i really hope the next 12 months will take its time to pass..
three generations walking side by side towards adam. it felt good.

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bandfest is drawing near. haha some of us have spoken about going for this twice in a lifetime, and travelling all the way to that place in boon lay for a few days of prac isn't super appealing. bandfest '05 wasn't that much about the music. it was the first chance we had (as an ib band then) to experience the acjcband way of living, playing, dreaming. randomly, sometimes i just wish it was 2 years in acsi, and 4 years in acj. a time to feel the spirit, somehow, even though we were split into 4 bands; the morning and after-prac gatherings, the breakaway from the others to go shop for concert gifts ourselves, taking over most of the solos etc. haha. this image of "bandfest", will stay.

smithband! xiangning "fann wong", qinyi, mom crystal, 5th godma angie, jiawei, grandpa fye, booby nick, huikhang, myself.

PONG. haha yesterday was stress-relieving and crazy.. authentic ncos are not clean in the mind.

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ACSI Symphonic Band, ACS IB Wind Ensemble and ACJC Concert Band present:
Lights, Camera, AC-tion, 40 Years of Music Making

Thursday & Friday, 30th November & 1st December 2006
ACS IB Performing Art Centre, 7.30pm Tickets: $10 (Free Seating)

Conductor: Dr Lee Tian Tee

Star Wars Trilogy

Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves
Jurassic Park Soundtrack Highlights
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest Symphonic Suite
Harry Potter Symphonic Suite
Whole New World
Prince of Egypt
Little Mermaid
Stand By Me
Selections from "Westside Story"

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