the music that can't be seen, but felt
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it's one of those (rare) nights that i can't sleep.
i've waited long enough for a good show.
it started out plain, developing exponentially, and yes i love plots like this.
somebody get me the novel, the prestige.
cause i didn't get every single detail yet, haha.

every one of us has a story, a past.
putting things aside, and working together, isn' an easy thing to accomplish.
though, letting it out and sharing that past is even harder.

it has been fast, fast, fast. that was march.
how things have changed, or stayed.
every time i tell myself its gonna take a while to get over it or wish that it sustains, i think i know it's partly an excuse. maybe.
change isn't the constant. our fear of change is.

okay too serious. i like movies that make us think. more or less hopeful for the theory paper this coming saturday. i think i discovered a small part of myself, the enfant terrible one in terms of harmonic language. hehe.

oh yes. i really like the picture below. reminds me of my primary school alma mater saint john baptist de lasalle. semper fidelis. night..

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i want to do much.
but it's just not me.
where have you all gone to?
this is a disjointed post.


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hey lips,

don't ever do this to me anymore.
remember the last time it happened a couple of years back,
you almost pushed me over the edge,
and be drawn to the art of oboe-playing permanently?
cooperate man.. let me hit those beansprouts properly and sostenuto-ly, please?
don't lead me to the brink of giving up on you ever again..

yours lusciously..

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