the music that can't be seen, but felt
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back from a longwhile, back from the thomson bigband concert. going for a friend's concert or any other concert, sit in there for a couple of hours, maybe even longer (until 10:30pm, tsk..), meet up with people then etc etc, the usual post-concert response would be like, "hmm that was not too bad a concert, i think i enjoyed myself.." i guess we often get this kinda feel. but the two hours, omg it seriously rocked.


i really think that just one of the songs and one alto man's talent in improvising with that tone was worth the ticket price. against all odds..gush. the bass guit is sick. running as fast as the keyboardist, another sick one. i guess the enthusiasm was really everywhere; with the booming music (i left the hall half-deaf), where the mikes and amplifiers just made the whole seat go va-va-boom. you can really feel the groove, the passion, omg. i think i'm still a bit high. couldn't really spot many hmm, locals, in the audience though. anyway that's besides the point. the only thing missing was an arturo-like trumpeter. somewhere amidst the concert, i thought that i've had enough of sitting down in a glamorously grand concert hall, having to imagine myself being buckled up and not be able to move or breathe too loudly or feel the piercing silence, just like in other serious concerts. share the music! get the groooove going! without audience participation, ensuring that pple get off their seats with plastered huge smiles/"i can't believe i just heard that" expression-like faces is not the easiest thing to do. okay maybe this will subside soon.. haha.

just felt that smth has spoken today. just felt smth.
integration, i'm coming..

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slightly lag, or late-bloomer. currently hooked to the tube. youtube, i mean..
its all jazz. damn nice. jazz fighting.

crazy arturo n dizzy..
more fighting..
classy pop.

thanks everyone! really appreciate the words.

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motivation comes after the work's done.

haha but it isn't totally the case for jazz ensemble..i was quite motivated after listening to other bands' recordings of "can't take my eyes off you", which was before we had our numero uno no display for the teachers. anyway, i need to get this down. jazz ensemble! ahh! okay we definitely had fun. our student conductor too.. haha. having fun making music is good enough. connecting with the audience is like an icing on the cake..which i think we did! haha. some things i shouldn forget in time to come: fyedee's dancing, i mean..conducting; the barisaxman's MJ-esque backwalks and hitting into the stand, our section's "original" dancesteps and gimmicks. haha. phew. Jazz For You, by the ACJCCB's Jazz Ensemble 2006; Teacher's Day Celebrations '06.

past days have been quite relaxed and comfortable. meeting up with pple on tchers' day, dunhao and yi; today was kinda therapeutic as well. hmm yes, therapeutic. comm training course at acsi, then went to loosen up somewhere in gombak. therapeutic. good day.

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