the music that can't be seen, but felt
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arturo arturo! all hail a. sandoval.
a night in tunisia. improvisation god.
sorry..random music ramblings.

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i'm increasingly fascinated by the mridangam and ganjira.
the masters can give a finger massage la, looking at how they execute those strikes.

maurice andre. someday, someday, i wish so much that my high, high notes (yes, and high high D) would sound as effortless as his. was just listen to his concertos. baroque trumpet concertos. damnn nice. especially with the harpsichord or even with the organ as accompaniment. the wonders of baroque works and early music..

oh yes. the ib mep concert. haha.
nice progressions man chenyi, i think you're really gone live up to your namesake.
eh but, she's a female chinese-american composer.. lol.
whatever it is, i'm still waiting for the electric-guitar/trumpet composition. heh.
i liked the jazz works. they were very suitably, quite feminine arrangements for the two pieces.
and, wilford is crazy.


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you know, there's so much to say, but many times it just seems inappropriate to bring something up. i wish i can say i'm enjoying what i'm doing now, but no. frankly i expected lesser than these a few months back. or maybe i expect so much more. haha. it's one hell of a cycle. that's why i think in recent months, i've expected so much less in whatever i'm doing. or whatever i wanted. this horrigible mindset has done me in.

right now, just hours before my history paper, i've no idea why i'm sitting in front of this screen. probably to re-read this entry a few months later, and hopefully be glad that i've pulled myself out of the hole. i guess, according to the bassoonifiedman, the unpredictability is what makes everything the way they are. how much can one be willing to change or to go against one's principles? how much can you lower your expectations or stoop to a much lower level? haha i quote my classmate, whatever lorzz. not much point thinking about all these, it just makes things go in one full circle.

it's something like what we do in our mep class, though i quite enjoy it. enjoying ms leong's keen analysis, at times amazing when she points out the nitty-gritty details that showcase the geniuses in ravel etc. indulging myself in classes more recently, because comparing music extracts and how people perceive music differently, it's really interesting. how contrastingly people can think. there's no right or wrong, just about who's interpretation has the slight upper hand.

i've been attending my piano mentor's mock exams for her students, been marking their practicals. (yes, i marked my sister's performance too..hehe. tried my best not to blackmail her.) unfortunately, the standard's on the decline. it's like, everyone is scared especially when it comes to sight-reading. i thought the piano was supposed to be your friend for more than half your life already! haha. not that i'm a fantastic piano player, i suck actually compared to others. i figured the reason why i want to choose music, i mean, alongside many others like not having an affinity with science or i'm lazy to memorise all those geographical facts, is that it comes from within. during the mock practical sessions, it seems like everyone cares so much about their notes; but nothing from within, no personality. sadly, the band scene seems more or less then same too. i want get out of this system, out to play trumpet, gigs, jam, elope with it. haha. more seriously, away from these math formulaes, market structures, and cold war theories.

i miss jervois. the simplicity, the kids, the company, the little things that can lighten up their youthful faces. i want to go back someday to do something for them again. and for myself. it's a random train of thoughts.

it's not an easy time for most of us now, not when we can't do what we want, or maybe even when we can't put ourselves to do what we ought to do. it sucks, but i haven't any answer. how we wish everything seems to be in reel life, movies. where everything revolves around yourself and perhaps a couple others, where occurences break the daily monotony, where it ends well.. like the lake house, or unfaithful. or even wimbledon.

haha i don't know where i read this report about singaporeans being one of the highest-frequency movie-goers in the world. think it was some edwin-yeo column. the guy who used to crap about epl matches, and now contributes unconventionally to columns. (this is getting even more random.) his reason being that we love the dark. haha. or love to take a break away from real life, and get emotional or to re-invent yourself with some new-found inspiration. reel life is different from real life, unless you're vaughn-iston..

hmm. to those guys who stay back after school in lt4 and the qm room till like before seven to practise: thanks for not having much of a life by practising everyday, like me. i think we're crazy, but oh well.. haha. thanks for accompanying.

*insert acsi band music* gregho where are you? i need my teh peng.

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a sense of deja vu i don't love to come face-to-face with.

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