the music that can't be seen, but felt
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on posting hiatus.

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the NBC honour bands concert repertoire seems damn interesting! anyone wants to go? i think there aren't anymore tickets though..

doc: are you sure you weren't asleep and somewhere in your dreams again when you opened the blog? haha.. april 2005. that's a sign. trumpeting's been a happy thing, though its demoralising sometimes when i look at my basics and stamina. aye keep pushing yah? all the best mr sebastian! haha. yeah hoping for the best for you.

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i won't indulge too much in the missing high C#s or the terrible tonguings or the missing last page of the moldau; in the end it's the experience that counts. haha.. first, it was great to re-unite with some old friends for the orchestra and meet different people, some of them wanting to do music as well. ahh, the days at rjc, the schooldays that were ponned, the soccer! kudos to the four pianists cause they have much potential. some of them can really make the piano sing..somehow. the two pieces are damn nice; not to mention meaningful as well, go look up the history behind them! the moldau, and the yellow river piano concerto. hopefully there's a band transcription for smetana's work or smth. or brass quintet. haha there are the not so nice things to comment, about my own playing etc etc, but heck for now. haha. real good to meet up with yi and shane too.. crazy guitarists. looking forward to your compositions and arrangements man. haha. oh yes. and thanks for those who came down to watch the concert! mep mates, mom, godma no.5, viv, isabel, jasmine. thanks..and the well-wishers too.

somehow, something tells me i should just get out of this tiny dot to some other lands after NS to study. hopefully together with a trumpet case..

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we agreed that one thing's keeping us all hanging there. love.
its not the most ideal thing to keep getting into conflict with myself.
and the stakes are suddenly so high.
this is rubbish.
everything's getting too complicated.
struggling out of the comfort zone.
i need to whack tennis balls.
crappy posting.

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to all guitarists out there.. everything's gonna be fine, don't fret.
omg the insanity is spreading. haha.

ultimately, what do we work so hard for?

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