the music that can't be seen, but felt
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tempus fugit.

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throughout the bulk of the trip, i could feel something throbbing at the back of my head, as we took the plane, coach, ferry rides, the walks, the performances, the rehearsals, the phototaking sessions. i can't put them all in words, my england's not great enough to transform words into emotions. nevertheless, i'm referring to the realization of the departure from the band, of a handful of great persons who've been really, really inspiring to me. the gold, the marks and our proud musical achievement as an ACJC Concert Band didn't hit me; it was the small moments i could spend with them that did. i'm quite deprived of seniors actually, in my previous band especially with my section, where i had no section seniors after my sec2 year. it could count as one of the many reasons why i decided to join the acjc band, after spending many weeks with them starting from the day after o levels, until my postings were out. i guess i can say that these were the ones who convinced me to call up a very,very surprised crystal, who was in charge of the appealees on that morning, to ask to appeal into acjc. i don't know what else to say. just have total respect for these guys.

re-uniting in the same band after four years was down to fate, something i really believe in. don't know why, but i still can recall, as a sec1 recruit, being really jealous of this ac barker sec 2 guy in our shared tutorials room in the red level in acsi, when he could play a scale for more than an octave when asked to, by the tutor. (something i believed was impossible, last time. haha.) i've to agree that your entries show the other side of you people can really look up to. i'll cherish the train rides. and hehe, i still know who's your dream three-part wife in the band.

someone i can talk to about anything. lately about frequency levels and observations. and the shoe-stepping fever. i cannot ask for a better section mate. the muse: a night to remember '06 hunchback solo sums up everything.

i cannot ask for a better mum. or for better words. or for better encouragement at the rightest time.

we both breathe band. i doubt anyone can ever emulate him. maybe you don't know him well enough, maybe you weren't his junior for 4 years and counting, but you must never doubt the amount of heart he has for the band. really. i'm grateful we could catch up in sydney, great one. thanks.

i cannot ask for a better godma either. there's always this peaceful smile on her face everytime i see her, even when she's really ill. great, great person. i won't forget bize telling me how you came into my room to see if i was getting better in sydney, and folding my clothes after that. how godma-ish. haha.

another one with the peaceful smile on his face everytime i see him. i think he should get married with angie, and i can bet on how their kids will look like. the amount of passion he has for music is really admirable. i hope our paths can cross someday, hopefully in music, and i really respect you as a musician.

not to mention ruth, fyedee, and qinyi. for working their butts off, and inspiring.

at times, we see the fugly sides. but things balance up nicely themselves sometimes, when we get reminded of these people and all the positives come to mind. eventually, it's worth it.
soon, it'll be time when we're the seniors.

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a last shot at the ultimate aim for us. especially the preciousssss j2s. haha. no, not perfection; i just hope we get our fundamentals sorted out and really, just play with only the final tien commandment in mind. go acband.

hello australia.

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MUSE - A Night Remembered.
ACJC Band 2006.

the night it truly arrived.

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bandful days are here. so are the days with swollen lips.

still remember at dinner with yi and friends, we talked about NS and its potential disastrous after-effects to a particular occupation named a musician. aside from the guy who paid to skip defer NS, i guess there's no difference to the rest of us here. it might not affect people to such a great extent, but it still do a bit of harm. i'm trying to say that those future pianist or guitar greats that singapore wants to produce will have to make a huge sacrifice come 19 and 20 years old. for band and chamber i think, its still alright as there are saf bands and chamber groups. choir, even simpler. just relax under a tree in tekong and sing. with organ sound...right. but pianist and guitarist great-wannabes will have their fingers crumble right under the sun, and practice days are limited to only the weekends usually. do something, save the musicans. haha. but no, please don't set up an SAF piano ensemble or harp ensemble..

was with mx one fine day and dropped by the canteen to see how our 40-smth or 50-smth year old friends were doing. so we managed to catch up with the two aunties at the pick'n'dip stall and we left an hour later with well, mixed feelings. if anyone were to be called veterans and have seen it all, done it all, its gotta be the two of them. anyway we talked about the depth of relationships at our age and like who's gonna suffer more, about marriage, about having kids and all the hesitation and troubles nowadays. interesting to talk to one who has encountered all these years ago. talked about the school. realized much about the politics running high in the sectors of the administration, and the lack of any real understanding or sympathy. the real, real world. another indication of the outrageous side of humans came when there was this ____ guy who was just a total ____. the arrogance which comes with the sad fact that one has got another powerful person on his/her side is quite pathetic. not gonna say what that ____ did, but he drove our friends up to their top. the tears and amount of frustration accompanying their words and tone when they poured their resentment to us was quite overwhelming. i guess it did open my eyes quite a bit more about the outside world. sometimes, when one reaches a certain age, what he or she wants to do is just to make a living and at best enjoy what one's doing. make sure the kids are doing fine, the family can cope financially. suddenly there comes these ____ who purposely put their foots out when we aren't looking, so we've no choice but to tread on their toes, albeit accidentally. things are worse when these ____ do it same thing for a few years.

stand up for people, don't stick out your toes on purpose.

on a lighter note, swiss ahhhhh liqueur ahhhhh chocolates.
ahhhhh. a pair of less rotten lips can wait. haha.

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a few comments before i begin a (hopefully) productive day. finally a free day in the comfort of my home in a long, long while.

saturday night after prac was spent roaming town with bandmates. i know it's not long, neither is it short, from the time where we have to bid farewell as bandmates, to struggle through the a levels and onto our own paths come 2008, but i do hope we can continue treasuring each other's company as much as possible amidst a claustrophobic jc academic life. cause it was good fun just relaxing, crapping away, and stuff.

monday night was with my two sec2 pals and a couple others, plus the mole. oh wait, what mole? haha.. apart from the catching up and coincidental bumping-into of a certain doctor, came a certain realization that things will never stay the same, change is always the only constant. funny. blues. and yes i do miss the days of studying in the same mep class (the less rowdy one, duh). the lunches before class, the longer than intended breaks, the smuggling of food into the class especially those yummy fried chickens on wednesday lessons (fried food day) which stink up the room, the really, really slack lessons, the soccer sessions after early releases, and of course, the company. mep being like this in college? hell no. haha.

i'm guilty of the wrong mindset when going for recent pracs. and i know i'm not alone.
maybe giving our best shot is turning out to be an illusion.

by the way, congrats brothers.

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So Nice

Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand
Each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand
And be a team with me

So nice, life would be so nice
If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me

Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song
Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me

Oh yeah, that would be so nice
I could see you and me, that would be nice

keyboard. drums. bass. vocal.


performed 21:50 ©