the music that can't be seen, but felt
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new orleans.
returning indulgence.
eclectic music.

many of us haven't any rights to speak up.
even with so much to talk or think about while the rest of the world seems to be asleep.
mornings, nights.
watching the show, amidst the kinda explicit materials from the movie screening with other curious beings(haha), gave rise to thoughts of what the reel life showed. joking the way through, zero sense of direction. i don't know.

people are back from china or malaysia or wherever. haha. and the title's not wrapped up yet.

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the perfect thing when the net doesn't offer you anything else to do, and it's on some friends' behalf:
"Pretend yourself as a passenger in my budget airline, and give any whatever comments you have in mind."
Btw, in the 'comments' box, add something interesting; for the definition of interesting, look for mark lim tian wei.

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living a dour, meaningless life?
will it be that somewhere, sometime, something or someone will somehow help one string up the pieces?

why do many of us struggle to get out of our comfort zones?

risks are meant to be taken.
or are they not.

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haha i'm crazily mad. sometimes i wonder why i do such things. perhaps its passion over anything else.

arrangements matter. no matter how good the song is, if the arrangement screws up, everything else does. sounds like priorities in life..
Fly me to the moon (ultra lounge - bossa novaville), Julie London.

i'm gonna pick up the bass or double bass some day.... some day.

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my keyboard's screwed. typing's a chore, and i haven't had any time to get online cause this is a real hectic week..sorry. oh and the keyboard i'm using now is like made of rubber, so you can twist or turn it in any way, even roll it up. weird stuff.

tennis during pe was fun today. i'm supposed to be burying my head in the huge stack of IH notes, or little chinese characters to meet my doom at a slightly lesser extent tmr. went back to acsi today for lunch with the band pple, and to hopefully see some good pals. haha some of you are having oep again.. just hope none of the trips end up in a mass diarrhoea-hit whatever like the last time around.

it was good to see some of them. to just crap and catch up. i wished i'm a less serious person sometimes, and just enjoy joking around and stuff like that you know. but i sort of prefer talking about more hmm..genuine(??) stuff and know more about how the other party is doing etc and vice versa. haha. musicians are really eccentric and weird. good to see the aunties whose food i've lived on for four years and counting; mr lim, the best teacher i've met in my life so far cause he strikes a perfect balance between work and play in class, though i don't take geog. and the other guys.

come back in a piece, and i don't think anyone can send you all off at the 1am? haha.
damn, time and tide wait for no man.
okay stalin, i'm gonna get you now real quick..

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the computer has been quite out of sorts recently so i haven't had much of a time to update. and yes, i was quite occupied and lazy to do so as well. haha. its the end of a long weekend, which went by pretty quickly. can't believe i had to spend so much time on just maths alone though; but at least i almost completed up till tut4, after well erm...doing the first one and jumping to the sixth one. all in the name of slacking. okay enough about school.

consistency, time, balance, sleep. ahhh.

there's still history up later. which is getting really interesting, especially when we can kind of link up the past with current affairs. okay too much school already. something came up during history lect. "there is a hotline for the usa and ussr, in the Cold War." apparently..,.quite cold.

the passion's coming back, slowly...
okay this is a boring update. haha. night.

out out.

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doc severinsen, the real doc.
a destino better than a bach? hmmm..
okay back to mep.

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the past three days have been quite hellish. cause i haven't touched the trumpet! okay obviously not. cause my only companion was the bed. i've always wanted a tiny holiday, but i kinda hate missing school. i've already missed two important mep talks, outings and so on. hmm so yes, its another case of tonsillitis. yet again.

anyway. smth interesting out of my few boring days of aimless resting. i received this msg, "the j2s are inviting all j1 guys to play robber tmr. come if you want." so i was like wondering, robber? is that like some new game people invented? then minutes later i got a call from samuel, asking me whether i was gonna play soccer tmr (saturday) before band. obviously i couldn't cause i was like bedridden. so i told him, "what soccer? i heard they're trying out some other game." yeah blah blah. figured it out yet? be careful when you use the "dictionary" or whatever its called while messaging. hahaha.

i really wouldn't mind music therapy to promote physical rehabilitation.

yawn. i should be resting.

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