the music that can't be seen, but felt
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ever wondered why the top stories that hog the headlines daily are mostly death-related? looks like the world isn't such a great place after all. screw the extremists in iraq and elsewhere, really. its disgusting. blowing up each other here and there through car bombs, marching right into sacred places with arms, and worse still unfailing taking away fellow Iraqis' lives every single day. what on earth.

just listened to chinese spring. i'm really freaking out right now. the feeling of insecurity. i don't know. gahhhh. time is running out. so i went for my first lesson today. bit of an enlightenment on how bad my basics really are; at least now i know. haha. i think we all dread having to produce the goods week in, week out. or rather, we dread not being able to do so. consistency. consistent tone, consistent tongue, consistent everything. some people have a headstart, like from an article i read the other day, there was this undoubted prodigy who conducted a band in the public at the age of 9. (What's wrong with you?! crazy guy. haha random.) like, wow. nevertheless, there's still so much more time to just work on everything else and let one's passion carry him or her through, till one breathes his last breath. just gotta keep going.

sometimes i have this really baseless shiok feeling whenever chelsea wins another match and edges closer to the title, or when henin-hardenne captures yet another title, or when singapore surprisingly beats iraq 2-0, or when another big name leaves the theatre of dreams etc etc. aye so dumb. as if they would know or even care whether i'm glad for them or not. haha. okay la, back to maths. mep. econs.

more than meets the eye.

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kind of a school holiday today, since funorama drained us all out...supposedly. haha.
anyway after brunching with a part of the class and stretching the limits of the game "i never" in bk (albeit not very civillisedly, or rather, pervertedly), i decided to just get home and perhaps rest. afternoon was spent on the keys and valves though; i still haven't had a clue what explains the fact that people tend to get very reflective when practising this or that musical-wise.

funorama was a good time to just catch up with everyone else.
looking at seniors waiting for their turn to get meet the NS barber, wondering when my turn will come. meeting primary sch mates, realising how tall have they grown, or have they not grown. lol. sitting down just sharing with each other while the storm erupted, bandmates. i guess listening out more to what others have to say is a good thing. how we wish to look at each other in a better way, forget the loose bits of the past; how we wish for simplicity, yet sometimes its not easy. and sometimes we look into the mirror and, wonder. i'm bad at penning down thoughts.

anyway, acjc concert band is having a band concert (duh) at the esplanade. 8th of march, tickets are going at 17, 21 and 27 (i think). get the 27 ones, so you can have a great view of the conductor, i mean, his on-stage techniques on the podium. and also of the band. or the 21 ones. repertoire includes 1812 overture (how i wish we could sing the opening, seriously), fantasy variations (love it), and the transcription of the opera Turandot. plus some other pieces. yes, acsi band is guest-banding too. so feel free to go for it, and get your tickets from anyone from the acjc band.

life's like musical improvisation.

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o level results were alright.
the only ones i was concerned with were my mep, physics and higher chinese scores.
the millions of notes put into sibelius one by one for that mep composition were really worth it, so i'm thankful that i bothered to spend some time on that piece of music. still remember making those notes about prokofiev's life at the very beginning of the year, and wondering why i spent a few hours doing it for and whether it would totally be useless or not since there was no reason cambridge would test on his eventful, great life. but somehow it came out and pushed my grades up, mending up the hole my screwed-up practicals created. doesn't everything happen for a reason? thankfuls for that physics was okay for my own standards, since it really isn't my thing. thank you mr pat soo, for forcing the (a bit of) tys down my throat. higher chinese, i failed! d7! haha. acsi can change your life in the chinese grades aspect, really. but i don't have to take it anymore. pheww.

four years. i'm just glad that whatever i've gotten out of these four years, are really the things i needed. socially, musically, and my music grades. not to mention the people. and a direction in life. nahh, make it two. its always the process that really counts. six or ten, just a bonus i guess.

for anyone who can't resist the darkness and gloom from grades that weren't your cup of tea, you must really move on. and take care. hmm reality beckons. for those with straight As, stop studying so hard, stop pressurizing others, stop taking all the top academic awards and give others a chance can, and let your results deprove for awhile, coz when you're at the top, the only way to go is down. okay JUST KIDDING. congrats to you all smart ____.

went out with OG today. a tiny part of the OG. haha. wasn't really anything productive to do; ended up at heeren hmv's jazz section. gosh. now you know where to go if you intend to get me anything on 4/9. every cd we listened to, we wanted to get (almost). but budget. ahhh the bossa novas, any trumpet gods, or black singers or trumpet gods.

finding the midpoint. desire.

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analyse music, and if u haven't, u'll realise that the pretty good ones tell a story; very applicable. to life. ahhhhh.

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this is shocking. oh man.

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how nice if music is everything. well, almost everything.

as the weeks fly by since the turn of the year, which can still be counted by fingers on a hand, we all look forward frenziedly to that magical single-or-double digit; labour of four years. or rather, four months. haha. anyway. to think about it, the days of the period between the final day of o levels and the day next week where we're getting our key to the next door or phase of life, have been really special; complicated yet intriguing period of my life at least till now. opening of more windows of the world, unravelling of everything, viewing from varying perspectives, challenge of the emotions. some things remain unchanged though.

school's been alright. workload's getting a little heavier as each night passes. history lessons are thought-provoking. mep lessons are really interesting. save for my full-of-crap comments here and there in class. its especially enjoyable when teachers have and make use of their ability to let us, students, look at things from a totally different perspective, and go, "why not?". these are the ones that inspire. and yes, now i finally belong to that special group of people who can sing solfege in both English and Tamil. serious! thanks you, haha. that aside, harmony is fun, exploring instruments is fun. study hard, everybodyy. night.

the mornings are where its the most intense.

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