the music that can't be seen, but felt
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the long telegram by kennan is well.. really long. haha lol i'm gonna attempt once.
been hearing different versions of libertango. one crappy techno-like version. who doesn't detest techno? haha. but the piece is nice. with yo yo fats on the cello..i mean, yo yo ma.
anyway its been the traditional cny stuff etc. not gonna ramble on about my boring days. i suddenly hated to play cards or blackjack, specifically, with money at stake. somehow i told myself i wasn't gonna play at all, but then again, we all know that there are things in this world which have to be done. right. darn. so i went into the games feeling sick of gambling, and went out of them with a slightly lighter wallet..oh well. once a year.
hahaha this is really humorous for soccer pple, especially anti-united ones. "Paul Ince believes Rio Ferdinand will be able to solve Sven Goran Eriksson's World Cup quandary." coming from a somewhat accomplished midfielder himself, he can't be any wrong when he claims ferdinand will easily slot into the england defensive midfield role. go and rot to death man! haha go oranje(holland).

wondering whether the passion drops.

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the dear doc must be sitting in the plane still hovering towards the aussie skies.
haha. i've said almost everything i wanted to in the cards, but anyway,
thank you so much once again for every single thing.
i can't wait to get free medical treatment from you in the future.

remember this entry: "have you ever thought that i'm just a passer by in your life?" ?
i know the answer. definitely not.
bring us all good news at the end of your new college!
you rawk, doc.

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fantasy variations.

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thanks for the evening.
the words're especially important to me too, thanks.
venture! cheers.

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i don't love playing on the piano.
crap. being crappy mentally weak is my forte.

on a lighter, more decent, better, more relaxed, less crappy note, tennis with beng today was great fun. especially the rallies man. shiok. and fortunately we found the balls we needed and the balls worked. yes, the balls. i forgot to mention, have a decent mind. haha.

go hingis, go.

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i don't like this phrase: Accept people for who they are.

short update.
an illness seems to be heading my way. damn.
the second valve can't work thanks to the broken thingy. damn.
australian open is here! but cable doesn't exists at my place. damn.

the sun's out already, so cheer up everyone!
think to the positives man.

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my weird sleeping habits should be curbed soon. wondering why i slept so early last night, doc. haha. on another note, oh my, S.H.E. should really release a classical album or something soon. string trio if they even do anything else besides trying in vain to sing in tune. not that i've anything against them before, but all their songs which are so "original" are really gross. i hope my sister sees this and agrees, and stop singing the tunes in front of my face. damn. anyway school's been good, mixing around with different personalities and stuff. with so many free periods (at least for this wk), they should consider letting us use the gym first. i don't know la. oh, i want to join recreational tennis! haha. its impossible i know.

anyways, replies to tags:

angie- can la. when one's desperate he'll do anything. right. how's your results?
yichenn - oh yeah. thursday. whoops. brain malfunction. cynical my foot la. i'm serious. if i'm at the end of the tunnel, maybe we can set up a music accessories or instruments shop. haha.
ruth - it looks alright now! surprisingly..
qinyi - haha okay. thanks for the words. EDITED: [i hate performing on the piano.] hmm i hope i can. yeah its a long way ahead. you too!
jon- it isn't so bad right. don't care so much about those feminine pple, and stick with your poor man u instead. haha! poor club.
greg- woah that's good. interesting. no wonder so much money was needed for the world-class facilities. i shall go back someday soon. haha.

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the more you know, the more you don't know.

hellos. so its been a week of school in the lands of acjc. orientation went by fast, and it was a great acsperience! i kinda miss the mud now. and the drenched everyone. and destroying the field. haha. and yes, its still raining now. crazy weather. well well. wednesday night we went to send jin off to adelaide. hope he has fun over there down under and mmhm, "let the light pass through". haha. not gonna say much about orientation cause i'm real lazy. i guess ogls make the difference in ogs, not forgetting the guys in it too.

anyway. this is gonna be one busy, busy year. starting with the two concerts in march and june with all the crazy pieces, touring sydney in june, promos which i'm really afraid of flunking considering the time i even have to study for it. sigh. gotta start thinking ahead and maybe pick up the books soon. then there's the pending piano and theory exams for this year, maybe even going for a trumpet exam if possible. so that's quite alot of things to be accomplished in a year. ahh i think next year will be worse, so i'm gonna try to complete all these external exams in '06.

actually i've been freaking out over what i'm gonna do next time. the subjects i'd be taking won't allow me to go far in the science industry, okay fine i won't even be able to step into it. haha. pursuing a career in music isn't any easier, hmm i don't know. but its in sort of in my blood so i'm not giving it up at all. i need a scholarship, any advice where to get it from? lol. either saf band or school or blah blah foundation. haha if all else fails, i'd try to do psychology. or cut off a leg or two and play trumpet at orchard. or join singapore idol. right.

have a great week ahead!
everyone should be more optimistic. oh, but get more sleep first. haha.

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