the music that can't be seen, but felt
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still damn full from last night's steamboat. vegetables rock.

anyway i'm just back from meeting up with a great great trpt senior, iskandar and passed him some long-awaited scores and his file which were overdue by two years i think. reminiscence.
gush. brought back scenes from two years ago. like iskandar just pulling me up and totally screaming the moment the target was reached. seniors getting emotional for the right reasons. guess it was sweet. on this note, the best days of my trumpet life in acsi were definitely during sec two, even when i was stuck with the damned literally over-the-top embouchure and rather disgusting attempts at squeeeeezing so much to reach the top notes. it was then when there wasn't any stress frm leading or what, just plain fun sectionals/slacktionals under boris with slb vishnu, iskandar n isaac, together with slb's bitchings. and the trips back home with isk and yong "teddy bear" kiat. really great people. i'm not good at words, so well. haha. two years have gone on. army awaits for some of them! haha. do what you think's right, and many a time you never realise how big an influence and encouragement u are to people around. esp as seniors. ghost train!

and onto my point. trumpets rock. mhmm. from the barker guys in sec one, to my acsi seniors, to the mep concert section, then the acsi section now, and now onto acjc trumpets. haha i think, no i'm quite sure, that a great section sound or musical-wise, definitely must be derived from a great section spirit.

anyway. back to trigo (hopefully).
wait, back to my wife first. gush.

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just a really quick update.

a break from the world of band for these few days finally, and got to meet up with some friends, interestingly all frm my sec two class. a short while with bron and mark ytd to go shopping; and today at ikea with chen yi and yo-slims. some interesting stuff we were talking about today. like, girls. right from the mouth of the great chinese composer chen! haha.

so much change has to be made next yr, slowly but surely. for example, no more unnecessary hugging of each other which will be inviting curious, not excited, stares from the more feminine gender; less lame, corny stuff to be done in class etc. oh speaking of corny pick-up lines, one came up today. using yi's pot of flowers (supposedly for a gift exchange) as an example:
this pot of flowers is for you, to keep you alive and providing you with oxygen, and i'd be more than happy to receive your love and CO2.
right. futile.

anyway. good things do come to an end. hopefully we can still meet up in the future often. really.

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it's grown on me.

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bumping into neither-here-nor-there people have been rather amusing.
as in, those guys whom you can address by, "eh, boy!" or "hey mdm!"
ok nehhmind. examples are a girl with a mohawk, pierce here pierce there, and a flat runway. (not that i love to notice or it is very noticeable/eye-catching); or men with...forget it.
who cares, i'm going to say it again. it's the inside that matters. right. haha.

holidays have been a productive period of time in the sense that its a chance to just sit back, look around at stuff and observe how the world goes round. well it definitely feels weird to not have any assignments to complete after 4 yrs, but time spent knowing pple better, and with that good ole' piece of metal is much better.

random thoughts. who are you? have you found out who you actually are? what's your purpose in wherever you are? i haven't. someone enlighten me please. haha. i think it takes time to find out who your truly are, i guess. on a lighter note, vocal music rocks!

merry merry christmas and find your paths!

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the past two months, especially the past few days, have been especially crazy.
its not very often to have the opportunities to make choices, but making them isn't any easier.
whirlwind la. i don't know whether i'm doing more rights or wrongs but i'll trust my gut and inside.

blahhh. just came back from running! haven't done that in ages.
haha two reasons why one should listen to 1812 overture today.
number one, its a helluva song. especially the ending's many explosions (non-band recording, sadly). bass drum not power enough. haha.
number two, today's 1812. figure it

happy holidays!

haha. my predictions are always wrong though.

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3 kilos a week. hmmm. try.
nothing much is happening. alot of sports.
queen of tennis hingis is back! haha. i don't think anyone knows what i'm rambling about.

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