the music that can't be seen, but felt
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camp from now till late saturday. on a supposed honeymoon! haha.
have fun holidaying.

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alright i'm drained. ahhhhhh.
i need a spa pool, people feeding me with fruits and bossa nova in the background.
mhmm. mhmmmm.
today was good.

whatever is happening after vieira left arsenal, will happen to man u after keane does the same.
liverpool can continue to boast about not needing their strikers to put the ball into the net.
but then again, if strikers don't do that, what are the pounds for?
hmm. oh wigan. haha. maybe.
sigh. why make it so easy for chelsea? sigh. haha.

oh yes while clearing my books and cds etc, i found our p6 project!
not exactly project. its some segment of a mini-concert the class was supposed to present.
who wants to be a fool on air! lame crap. lots of lame crap in it but still, very, very nice stuff we did together. i like. haha.

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everything seems so glum. hopefully they'll ask us about prokofieff's death date year ('53), death place (moscow), death age (62) and death cause (a bloody massive brain hemmorage!). hahaha. and ask something solemn like the second movement or something. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i'm so dead.

can't wait to get back to making music. and i didn't lock the case up. haha. poor books.
fletcher's goal was how tyco.

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some people are just so damn good in composing (eg. prokofieff), some people are just so good in analysing (eg. ms ng), some people are so good at memorising countless analysis of tons of scores (eg. chen yi), and some people are just damn good at sitting in front of the computer, listening to the movements a hundred over times, can't really get everything into the head, and starts trying to conduct gracefully and with oomph along with the music, amateurishly (eg. hmmm..).

composers are geniuses, i have to reiterate.

with the sudden influx of very reliable sources from the ss textbook creators, i'm beginning to appreciate our government better. cough. why don't our government go hold talks or conferences with governments of third world countries and introduce to them the many policies we have implemented to such great effect, and maybe get the UN or americanas to give them loans and solve the problems of these countries?

uhh. and ferguson should let keane, not greg, take over his managerial post. keane should also take over kofi and/or george. super sunday might just turn into another bloody sunday. haha poor devils.

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