the music that can't be seen, but felt
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alright a bout of illness is over for me. no more tonsillitis, or so i hope. hopefully a few more antibiotics will work. last five, six days of last week has been total hell with the bed or the sofa couch as my companion for the whole day, with exceptions of getting out of the house to school or to get the papers, and trying to stay sober. haha. obviously its not well to have my whole revision schedule wrecked by some damn virus having a go at my throat literally.
it screwed my mep pract too but well.. nevermind.

while the rest of singapore's sixteen year olds are busy trying to hit the books, well almost all lah, hmmm maybe not; there's this small group of guys who're busy slacking. haha sigh. ib ib. or busy spending excessive time studying for only the mep or hcl papers. or working. how fun. oh i didn mean the rufflesians or cheenaneses or nuh-ers.


everton is a great club.

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the four letter f-word plays a big part in so many things.

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procrastinate. i'm really lazy to update. okay a few updates.

hmm. results first. a2 for mep, no thanks to very lenient practical marking, that i've to admit and be grateful for, and also ONE real dumb error on composition. sigh. that cost me a point off l1r5. merit for grade 8 piano, which is quite fortunate. i honestly didn't exactly prepare for the exam, prepare as in drill 3,4 hours daily a few days before the practical. and i didn't do good on that morning. hmm blah blah. okay i'm not posting anymore results. haha cause they're gonna be terrible.

a few more weeks to the O's, although i'm not exactly keen on working very very hard for it. how. we had seniors' night on friday, food wasn't the best but that was obviously not primary. took quite a number of pictures with teachers and friends, and with some very nice teachers and very dear friends. anyway one funny thing was the looks on some of the vice-principals' faces when some guys went up to play music. well..maybe not exactly music. haha it was loud with the drums and guits and you can see their fingers desperately trying to cover every single gap in their ears, expressions were very, well, professionally hilarious. but it was still a good night for reflection. lam in long pants! ahh nvm.

what else is there? there's no more band. i can't exactly play my trumpet at home now. sister is having psle, mum's having exams, and they're all studying! i feel guilty. who doesn't.
tennis under the rain today with marcus and friends. legs are feeling good. yeah basically that's about it. the upcoming wk is the last wk in school. although after that we'll still have to come back for remedials if any or mep lessons. no matter how hard i try to convince myself it isn't the case, i still think composers are geniuses.

alright. 1-0 to chelsea tonight. joe cole scores the deciding crap again.

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