the music that can't be seen, but felt
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a break from the world of papers and the tys.
saturday was hmmm. johannes and i were a really ulu place, bukit chandu, to fanfare for the arrival of the goh. not our best, sorry scouts. haha anyway. that place is quite a nice place. just has something about it. peaceful. yeah. spent the time catching up with johannes, knowing him much better etc. just enjoy these kinda stuff. and also with the tchers. tham's a joker. actually, me too. so it was fun to keep having digs at each other.

monday was practical exam. bad.

then we attempted to whack balls today. but the rain just won't stop.
argh. another day perhaps yeah? haha. lazed around the guit king's rm. nice organ.
and yeah. where'll we be in a year? hmm. or, what'll we be.
i re-watched saw today. a second time is good. understood the story much, much better now. waiting for the sequel.

okay. time for logs.
with saxophones, pianos and drums in the background. damn good.

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okay taking a short break from like total revision. done with history and 15% of a math i think. for the 2 tests tmr. hmmm. its really been work all these days. and i thought i've done enough for chinese by completing the whole crappy workbk and 2 prelim papers that include 2 essays, plus the 2 june hol essays which i didn do, and summaries. the tcher just has to keep throwing more CHINESE papers at me. lucky she has decided that she'll give us time to finish them in class.
piano exam in less than a week and i'm pretty much screwed. teacher wants a distinction. right.
impossible is nothing. right.

my expectations for my new trumpet are way too high. thought it would be good but its just like the price, 1/5 as good as the vincent bach i returned back to the band. number one the intonations are way horrible, slurring has become thrice as hard. not to mention high notes. now its like super difficult to reach high high C and above. and low C and below. looking on the brighter side of life, i shall use it to improve on my slurring etc. sheeesh. blurdy ____.

alright. chill.
crap why is almost everything i write about work. sigh.

happy birthday greggy. wish you all the best into getting a masters in club management and set up your very own FC United.

tennis rawks.

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okay time for an update before i go get screwed at my piano mock exam later. my 3rd piece is like 30% done only. damn.

so last week was especially painful rehearsals. i mean, seriously it was not good to step out of the room not being able to do what you really want. but its alright. experience experience. then its on to saturday. we can't do things alone. so yeah. ah random. after rehearsal, lunch then returned to watch kungfu hustle???!!?! in the band room. oh man. haha. by that time my lips werent' exactly feeling great. blah blah. to the concert.
hmmm i won't comment on the whole thing. ahh at least for star wars the nice part came out pretty nicely. nice. uggh. never expected something like this to happen to the first suite part. but well...experience. haha. GR, phantom, then yeah i think lion king was something we trumpets enjoyed playing. still can remember playing that last "E" as the last note of vesuvius clearly. that's it.
it was good to see the auditorium packed and so many people coming. thanks you all! and junior band rocked.
parts of this concert will be kinda recorded and made into a CD along with acjc's concert i think. so grab it when it comes out.

yesterday was the ndp parade in school plus the awards presentation inside the audi. wasn't too bad i guess. many things happened in between but i'm feeling really lazy so..yeah. went to catch stealth after that with doctor and friends. met the ex-lasallians after that. supposedly for us to catch up with lydia who flew back frm the states. crazier than ever. poor yewliang. haha. hmm the movie was good. really. then we just walked around and then went off. nice day.

to end it off,
acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk. acsi trumpets'05 rawk.

good morning people. thanks for listening to these once again. and it's not bull.

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