the music that can't be seen, but felt
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cds out soon.
hang in there, yeah.

that more opera-ish and dramatic version of 'think of me' on phantom is damn shrieky.but for some reason, i prefer it. random mouthings. sigh.

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yo. so much for volunteering my services. quite screwed for now.

hmm. last wk was supposed to be a week for studying; indirectly meaning no hell to do with the four-letter word at all. but under unusual circumstances, the irony was that some of us had to be involved in band stuff on mon, thurs n sat. isn't that like our usual pract days? lol. and we seem to have an affinity with acjc. mon we crashed their dinner. thurs we crashed their concert; great to see the scs doing their stuff. sat we crashed their alumni dinner again.
so, the test papers are still lying on the table untouched, don't seem to have much ink over them. that's why we join the S.C. haha.. :)

hard rock just now. phew, it was good. and the 3 of us are geniuses.
then four of us had a chat after the whole thing. very interesting.

enjoy the week y'all.

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come to think of it, i cannot ask for a better first semester.
well....if schoolwork isn't put into consideration. haha.

anyway, dinner with acjc ytd. nice bunch of j2s.
AND. already being out of place, we still made so much noise; especially when people ranging from the dish-server to doctor to tuba seniors verified that its t-o-f-u, not t-o-w-f-u. go, please.

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hey what's up everyone, or whoever has still been coming to this crapped up site.

6 days of camp zooooooooomed right past. ended up with a big red dot on the nose. oh nose, as elf says. most productive band camp i've ever stepped into. played good music.
thought about so much things these days. all the way from the start of band camp until this moment. especially during the midnight stares into the sky outside the dorm. when everything's so silent, there's so much to think about. sigh.

anyway i talked much, to mx. on like how the love is still not there etc etc, and the thought just kept growing la, and then the tune-in at acjc brought in even more thinking. so suddenly i thought, why not, just join acjc, since what i always wanted is right there? with that thing i wanted, plus everyone was there for the same reason (or rather, most were..), and there's so many familiar faces, why not. talked more to mx, and he advised me that it wasn't too late. don't know whether you know what i'm thinking about, so, sorry if you don't. anyway, it just didn't felt right la. i don't wanna make another wrong move. so i had to get some real advice, and i did. i'm not changing my mind. yup. no matter what, so for now i can just hope. for the right people to be in the IB band. its like choosing Everton over Real Madrid.

anyway. life's a funny thing. people never have the same reasons to do certain things. sighh. why do sportsmen do their things for. its like why does schumacher keep driving in his small lil racecar. for winning more medals, getting more recognition? no, he does it for the another reason, and that reason is the right one. why do people study? as you can see, its for the wrong reasons. i was reading about del horno joining chelsea. and why does he want to switch clubs? up to you to find out. and if we found out the same thing, just try to take it that he's joining chelsea for obviously the wrongest reasons you can find. so, last question. why are you in the band? if you are in one la. things never go the way i want i guess..right, ian. haha. why do you keep dragging your feet to practice? why? ever asked yourself that? you should. hmmmm. i failed.

haha i forgot to write that, while you read the above paragraphs, listen to the saxophone parts in GR Selections. makes you think and reflect more. honest. hahahaha.

eh twin i haven't received merry widoww. -.-

where is the love.

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