the music that can't be seen, but felt
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now i fully understand why shoulder massages are needed badly after practices.
especially when another practice follows in an hour.

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hey. okay just a slight update.
well, actually a reminder. yes, reminder. which means you must come. yes, you.

ACSI Band Night - Festival Of Arts.
ACSI Auditorium, $6 for seats downstairs, which entitles you to seeing the nice legs of the band members and definitely you won't be able to see me right behind; so why not grab the $10 tickets for the balcony seats upstairs.
um. 1930hrs to i don't know. maybe 10pm.
oh the date. 6th August.

if i'm not mistaken, you should be able to listen to the Lion King Soundtrack Highlights, Vesuvius, and Phantom. haha.

yup so try to get your asses here. greg, two seats for you for ten. bring your friend who condemns MY people, MY band, MY music, and let me show her what's wrong and what's on. hahaha.

make my day please. if you're looking for the good stuff, good music, good-looking people, good seats, good value for money..well maybe.., and of course a good time, look for me first obviously to get the tickets. thanks thanks and i'll see you there on that night.

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okay i don't exactly know how the previous days passed. still in a dreamy mode now.
been hitting balls, buzzing, slacking around, hitting balls again, more balls, writing music.
k writing four pieces, or rather listening and trying to write down the notes one by one, is an accomplishment for me, considering the last time i tried this i took four days to finish one piece. now i took 5 days to finish four. (greg: "insert applause")

ball-hitting seems to be getting a little boring, especially without the sun.
oh. and i think i've found some answers i've been trying to look for, in the movie coach carter.
a little predictable show, but very meaningful. i learnt quite abit from it.

oh the other day i watched some travel documentary (somehow) on central and they were showing rome. the place where we roamed a year and a half ago! relived some memories, they showed the pizzerias, gelatos, spanish steps, colosseo, vatican. wow. and that very night i sorta dreamt of being back there again. almost got done with by some mafia pple, got into a big taxi, saw jerel there, bought this big orange chocolate. uhhhhh. very weird stuff.

somehow these days, the stuff i dream of are really, really weird. help.

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buay tahan.
two hours of tennis with only 5 working balls, which, if you didn't know, means running around everytime all five aren't 20 cm near you.
four hours of sweat and soccer. never done this for a long time. ouch. i'm not very physically strong so 3on3s can get me to almost faint. the 5on5s was much better.
so while i'm getting blacker, my twin's getting redder. haha.

porgy and bess.

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uhh. mep composition is real hard. its all about inspiration i guess.
i wrote 3 variations at one go, but now i'm totally stuck for my last one!
which is supposed to be jazzy-like, so i listened to some jazz recordings for 1/2 an hour and i still can't find the special things i'm looking for.

that reminds me of listening to the classical symphony for 30 plus times in an hour.
i was going bonkers but still the details can't get inside my head. how. die. tmr is the real thing.

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i'm gonna dump my thoughts here, leave them here, and get back to math.
i went down to the SCH today, someone ponned school to join me. hahaha.
for once. it was such a good day till the results. sigh.

sometimes its frustrating when i can't do anything to help. at all.

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