the music that can't be seen, but felt
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today's a big day. or is it not. snores.
3.3.2 and 3.3.3. will be a big difference this year.
nvm. haha.
well we gotta perform well.
for alumnis, seniors, ourselves, everyone else.
for you, if you're going!

for some of you might have no clue what i'm talking about.
Esplanade: Concert Hall
30th March, 7.30pm
ACJC Band Annual Concert
Feat. Guest Bands ACSI & ACSBR

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currently expanding my jazz collections.
the franks, rays, nat kings, glenns, michaels, sonnys.
hail st germain.

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thirteenth april 05. potentially the best day of my life yet.
but i guess the process also counts. and its good.

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haha this report is so full of shit. how do you manage a soccer club? check it out:

i shall quote a few lines from the crazy writer.

1) What's the solution? How does Arsene Wenger improve his side's defending? How does he ensure that, next season, Arsenal concede fewer goals? Easy - buy better centre-backs than Kolo Toure and Pascal Cygan.
How hard can that be? I can name 25 better centre-backs than those two. Just buy one. Problem solved.

2) Dealing with troublemakers is even easier. To Newcastle miscreant Craig Bellamy, I'd simply say that he either plays on the right-side of midfield, or he doesn't play at all. Full stop. If he continues to throw his dummy out of the pram, sell him.
3) Managers should make friends with reporters, embrace and welcome them. They are simple folk; flatter them, make them feel important, ensure there is a plentiful supply of red wine in your club's press box, send that nice chap from the local newspaper a small gift every now and again.
4) How do you treat your boss? Like me, you tell him that he's the best boss you've ever worked for; you bring him donuts and a newspaper in the morning and spend all day making him coffee; you look serious and busy when he walks past; you let him beat you at golf; you flirt with his wife at the Christmas party.
In short, you make it as hard as possible for him to sack you.

5) If you run in to an agitated fan at the supermarket, and he urges you to sign some obscure Swedish defender that he once bought on Championship Manager, start making some enquiries.
And if the fans' forum on the club website is full of messages calling for you to adopt an adventurous 3-2-5 formation in the final six matches of the season, do so.
Then, when it all goes pear-shaped, you're not the one to blame.

so stupid.

hmm. met up with 'mom' to return bks. shared interesting facts and crazy ideas. haha. oh can't wait for the next camp. something fun should happen..hopefully. oh well i'm really gonna get ill soon. ugh...time for a math.

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damn damn.
my feet are hurting. played soccer for the first time this year yesterday. wow. now the layers of meat surrounding my toenail are starting to hurt as well. before that my cousins and i went out for pool, which wasnt that bad. at least nobody kicked nobody's asses. yeah.

ouch. i haven't packed!

see you guys. in..5 days. haha chen yi u gotta catch sponge with someone else. and i updated. beat that.

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just wanted to say i love my wives and i'm gonna try to perfecting my kiss on them everyday till SYF. one is in school, the other at home, which is getting very rusty; guess i'll need to lubricate it. after the competition, then i'll ditch them both for a pocket trumpet! the mini version which is compact, tinier, but with the same effect. cheaper...

hitch's a good show. really crapped-up dance moves. lemony? yucks.


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