the music that can't be seen, but felt
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sorry neighbours for upping the noise level by a notch for the past year.
i've decided to turn over a new leaf.

with my black pract mute!

oh sorry mum as well for disturbing your preparations for your herbal exam.

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hello. what's up. i'm kinda weary now. very sleepy. yeah. yesterday mark kenn and i went for the nanyang concert. well it was not bad! yeah..actually it was quite okay. 7th night was one of the better pieces, but many of the pieces sounded anonymous. weird. just didnt connected i guess. no punch. but they're good. then we adam-roaded and went home late.

okay the whole year was a really good year....except for studies. haha. it dipped tremendously, so its kinda scary at the moment. well..a recap for the year:
- 2nd jan. haha, we arrived back frm italy. one of the best places in europe i have been to. well actually its the only one. italy is something i'll never forget. great things we did there
-mep camp. salsa's so freaking fun. hahaha. i'll try it again anytime.
-mep concert rehearsals and concert. yeah it was pretty good too. considering that the trumpets were godly. well..actually the 1st trumpets only. it was good anyway. a great experience. haha.
-band night 31/7. okay i think it was one of my best nights. in a long while. great to see so many pple back for the concert. not to mention the great pieces we showcased. perfect night.
-nco camp. it was fun. made many friends from everywhere. not to mention a good shade after the camp. it was good.
-band camp. no comments. good.

so that's all. everything seems to be made up of music. hopefully my career. hopefully.

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well im pretty bored. 2 days ago was fun. i mean, we finally could get to bowl together! haha. so we did at chev. 3 games each, and the 3 were kinda bad. nvm. haha. then we played pool. twice i teamed up with chen yi and twice we wrapped the games up. how fun. there was fatts, bren, jerel there as well. okay its one more year left in the sch. not much opportunities to hang out with these buddies again so yeah..gotta make full use of each occasion. its only 12 months more. yeah. haha. okay i did some work today. at last. some math. well, but i doubt i can reach the level of some ass who's starting on f maths now. haha. the week has been fast. cousin stayed over for the first day of the wk and it was fun. then we did stuff the next day. oh monday we moved stuff. it was okay. then i had a really late night on tuesday. haha. had a good chat online till 4 plus then i managed to catch the zidane vs ronaldo match at 5 or 5.30 in the wee hours. it was damn funny lah. a penalty was retaken thrice which this old guy finally scored against canizares i think on the 3rd try; michael schumacher (of F1 fame) was a great player and dribbler. yeah. it was a charity match for some less fortunate pple. what matters was that everyone was enjoying it. xmas is coming. its been fast. i hope the steamboat's still on

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"six weeks"- good final production; better music theme; great acting.

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yesterday was really retarded. hahahahaha.

i) went cine. bad news: no bowl
ii) walked to PS. get g strings. wait wait! i meant guit strings. or g string for a guit.
iii) trained to marina square. worse news: no bowl
iv) followed my great buddy (yewliang)'s advice and cabbed to great world. worserer news: no bowl
v) great. the 3 of us were running out of suggestions. legs were kind of tired as well. so we dunched (dinner and lunch..arr whatever) at kfc
vi) decide to walk to funan. we see STARBOWL printed all over this small centre called kim seng plaza. well. why not we go take a look.
vii) discovered there was really a bowl centre there! haha. for 3.30bucks/game?! forget it, since yi's dad was on his way. and the lanes look bad. everybody's ball was going so slowly.
viii) end of day.

so we planned for next wk. at chevrons! thanks sher. great suggestion.
can singapore build a few more bowling centres? and not locate them at ulu places like all the way south in marina@ victor's or perching up at mount faber. thanks

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life rawks.

i was in the midst of preparing for my piano lesson before deciding to come update for a few minutes. for some piano players out there..u know when u'r practising a phrase over and over again, u tend to think of some other stuff and reflect about things that do not even concern the piano. so i was still reflecting on the band camp as i drilled the 16 bars repeatedly. and i cant help but write some stuff down here first unless i foret.

the camp taught me really a lot of stuff. even more than the the stuff that i learnt for the whole year. yup. so finally i'm gonna write something about band. even in front of some members who accidentally come upon this site and do not tag. right marcus? so. back to the stuff. as i drilled, i was thinking about many people's contributions. and i mean many. no matter how tired their lips were, no matter how hard they had worked already, they still pressed on. like the trombones and tubas. even the euphos have showed that they are willing to work. and when we moved the stuff yesterday, i can't help but be impressed by many who gave it their all. especially andy and justin who helped out even after everyone went home. forget the scoldings. forget the dramas. forget the bad moments of the camp. forget my lectures. we should work on the mistakes and keep up the attitude. after the strongly encouraging and emotional talk with kenneth yesterday and seeing these people helping out, i told myself that i will work. quadruply hard.

okay. i'm gonna update about the whole thing later. now back to the syncopated & running notes of invention no.6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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