the music that can't be seen, but felt
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gosh. tmr is the o's. i havent flipped through all the books yet. just hoping for an A2 at least. hopefully. it has been band and chem for the past week. went to raffles place shopp centre to get the gifts for dr lee on friday with mx. walked rounds and rounds before settling for the big-sized garfield soft-toy ( yes, for a 45-year-old) and there was no sign of a benz at robinson's, so we got a lamborghini. oh, and a cake and a card as well. i still want my refund from the treasury! over fifty bucks..
then the day after on saturday after combined ended, we celebrated his birthday. most stuff was impromptu. milton and his corny suggestions, which...did work after all. haha. stupid. it was good.
today was the last chinese tuition class. finally. it was fun sitting with roy for the last term. kinda talked and crapped through every single lesson at the back of the classroom.

let's plan the holidays:
- nco camp, band camp
- chem re-exam..arghhh
- re-study physics, chem and a maths
- stayover?
- ex-6a gathering?
- homework. mep self-composed piece. chinese? not gonna touch since for the past 2 years, chinese teachers never collect december hol homework.
- catch good movies. catch up with everything else.
- how i wish for another italy band tour. fun stuff

yeahh that's all. back to the darn books filled with weird characters supposedly symbolising our roots.

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i want to quit

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today was ok. still having chem lessons as the days pass..but we have not reached the killers yet. moles n acids,bases salts n electrolysis. hmmm. after sch the brass pple went to UCC to watch a masterclass given by that horn genius. forgot his name. a few other schs were there as well, and its was quite useful. the tips he gave. and i had the job of being a translator to this woman who just came from china. haha. so weird. then left for home. bored.

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i've gotta be nice.

why do people never realise or believe that arjen robben will be the icing that chelsea needs. they seem to not be watching dutch matches during euro'04.

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okay. here i am at 4.48am. i slept too much for the past 5 days already. every night at 9.30 without doing anything. hahaha. anyway. yesterday was ok. morning was the briefing for campers; then we played cards, and then there was the cheenanese(like ronald would say) karaoke competition. ahhh. stupid thing, but at least i could spent quality time with my great ex-classmates. after that it was band. nothing much. taking sectionals has become one of the hardest jobs i've ever had. most frustrating at its worst. but i can see that the trumpets are trying hard. yeahh. so thanks guys. let's get back to the boris era asap. then we had a feast in the com room. actually not really one. i left for the esplanade library myself since everyone was shagged or busy. borrowed 4 books. haha. ragtime music.
idol. what can i say. the results were quite ok this time round. haha. hope that my guess for top four would be spot-on.s

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didn do much. got back results which were as poor as i expected and just bridge-d through the past two days. my cards were confiscated, but heck.

i don't know what's going on frankly. its a small thing, three hundred and sixty five and a quarter days have passed, and i did not say anything since. but people just love to bullshit and re-dig stuff that are simply not true after that same amount of days. damn irritating, and the exams have already screwed my life, so there is no need for whoever to do the same thing. thanks.

anyway. jerel left me all alone at city hall. smart guy.

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good day today. went to sch, did nothing much, then watched the lotr II the school screened. 3 full hours later we went back to class. scrabbled a bit, then went for band. haha, ka wai's a joker in scrabble man. practice was ok. really glad the one taking slacktionals wasn me. how nice is it to sit n play for once, and for the rest of the year. then i went to jp to meet kian, renn, shawn, yl n keyn. watched new police story. really great show. super action-packed stuff, u gotta watch it if u haven't. then we had dinner at 9.15 and left for home after that. nice.

chenyi: yes. banjo. no kick for u
mark: well..if u can double tongue, i can consider...haha
ian: omg just shut up and forget it. u?!
rach: haha. thanking me for wad?
bren: yes brendan?

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i have nothing to blog about. almost on the verge of dying from boredom. slacking my way through today. wasted two hours copying out a joplin piece from the net because:
i. i had nothing better to do
ii. i had a sudden interest in ragtime
iii. i had the joplin book but somehow i couldn't find it anywhere
iv. the printer could not spew out any ink
v. my fingers needed some long exercises
spent another hour practising the thing. fingers are numb now. then tried watching the downloaded sky captain n the world of tmr, but the beginning was so boring and dull that i fell asleep. haha. that's a flashback to ELF. crappy movie which i watched the first 10 mins and snored right through the rest of it, yewliang was the other asleep one is it? chalet is tiring. just as well. seven bucks for a sleep in a comfortable seat, air-con and darkness was still worth it. i hate the song. taking it off.

haha kai. let's make things clear. firstly, it was a plain joke. and i didnt say acsi had fantastic stuff, and i did not bullshit or criticise about sji, so...yeah, can't figure out how u arrived at the materialism part. rachel, this isnt called bitching. hahaha.

hmm let's set up a jazz band. after syf. hahaha. but it'd really be cool. let's see...
- cornet: me
- clarinet: mingxuan
- trombone: milton (go learn! its easier than the horn. lols)
- guitar/banjo: chenyi (go learn banjo!)
- string bass: shawn (ditch ur cello for ming en's wife)
- drums: marcus
- piano: (available for application)
haha. this is kinda stupid. i guess im really bored. but these are the primary plans. then we'll borrow scores from the uwc jazz band or shawn's bro and just jam. and i'll conduct! haha. actually if we're professional enough we don't need one. yessss. easier said than done.

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just got back from school. yeah..netted my first a1 of the finals. mep. a pretty 74.5, rounded up to 75 hopefully. spent the day in school sleeping. too shagged again, was watching end of days last night. and after sch we had the paper review. anyway two of my gd friends in mep class totally scared me man. i jus want to tell these 2 peeps. You, its over, its been a crappy exam, but u knew even if u didn do ur best, u were consistent for the whole year. so wads with feeling emotional all over man, its over!! yes! so yeah, chill la brudder. i wouldnt think twice about giving u a few tips or so. and you, i know its not as simple as it seems, maybe u failed to meet someone's expectations or something, but anyone would have been glad to swap marks with u. u did ur best, and everyone would be proud of that. so yeah..take care. what's up, its just the sec3 finals. not even the O's or IB diploma examinations right. relaxxx. don't scare me. oh yes. i saved marcus' ass. not really, u mugged hard yourself. ahhhh, inspiration from the heart. no, not my heart. hahaha.

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monday was kinda fun. went for morning exercise at chen yi's house. we played tennis there. yeah, me, him, bren, fats n jerel. fats is big man. brendan can testify to that. fats hits every ball he sees, and i mean every single one. okay, he tries to hit, so he had quite a number of lobangs. wad am i talking about. ah ha. nevermind. it was fun anyway, and i didn know chen yi had the exact same racquet as me. the only difference, his was 80 bucks, mine was 200. bad luck i guess. yea, and before that we were at his house. omg, five guitars. he's crazy, and his dad's as funky as him too. hahaha.
then i headed for dhoby gaut to meet milton and co. went there early to look at some band stuff at erm, band world and mast music i think. mil got 3 lubricants. erm no i mean valve oil. strawberry flavoured! haha. i was looking at this trumpet soft case. a little less than 200 bucks for one case. that's out of my range. sad. so marcus was late again. as usual. let's see. we went lido to catch wimbledon, which was ok lah. at least there was tennis and a chick. before that i saw kian. oh, studying with...a friend? a female one to be exact, lol. nevermind. we hanged around, then went to mil's house. crapped there, did anything possible, like prank-calling and stuff. stupid man. but it was cool la. pizza for dinner, by his mum! not bad. so we hanged around somemore until 11 and mark sent us home. thanks mil n mark. and marcus n pern. but one thing though, i wasnt too lively yesterday. too shagged frm tennis. sorry man.
okay. i didn accomplish anything today. tried to reformat the computer today, but after i did everything, i realised the internet couldnt work. so i waited for dad to come home and fix it. basically didn do anything today. waking up with black circles at my eyebags was the last thing on my mind. okae. back to school tmr, can't wait for mep results. bye

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haha. revamped this whole thing. but i still can't find an mp3 link. that can wait. anyway, exams are over. i'll be honest...i didn't study hard, not even half of what im supposed to mug, so.. heck. probably be going for study camp for chem. having been chilling out during the exam period. haha. slacked too much then. been listening to some jazz these days. there's the teenage prodigy renee olstead. her voice is lacking, but its nice still, and she's still fifteen i think. then there's joss and diana krall. nice man... and the jazz radio. i just cleaned up my room. first time since, half a year ago i think. not too bad right. okaes. idol show wasnt that bad, at least there was good singing on thursday. jerry, u should just set a petition to get yourself out of the show. seriouslyy lousy n pathetic vocals. let me guess, the final 4 shud b leandra, daphne, oli and sly. the four best. haha, i'll stop here or the next sji sportsman of the year will start babbling. have fun mugging, sji guys! hahaha. time for buzzing exercises. : p

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realli can't stand this. the way singapore idol is progressing, i think everyone will shut off the tv three weeks from now. i was quite disgusted at the performances of the "spectaculars". un-spectacular, i guess. the results show was the worst part. 3 of the best, if not the best 3 vocalists in jessea, shirin & beverly are already out. like wth man. haha. none of the remaining 9 deserve it becuz of his/her voice, well maybe only leandra.
utterly horrendous. like cowell would say.

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