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ok. haha. its been so long. anyway today's an acsi holiday. argh, havent done anything about textbooks this morning yet. nevermind. done nothing much, except books and buzzing. yeah, on the trumpet. can't wait to achieve a much much better tone. anyway yesterday was ok.. went to beauty world for a haircut, and relieved the gd old moments at the char kway teow stall there. i've been eating there since like primary four. and it still tastes as great as ever. haha. the aunty was farnie man. since i hadn't been there for a long time, she was like, " i forgot what u always!". okay. no 'hum', no chilli, more beansprouts, more sausages. yeah. nice. u must go have a try man. 4th storey, jia jia shu shi. then i went to my mum's workplace at the 2nd level to bring back some photocopied scores and the night's dinner, since she was on 'leave' as she's studying. weird right, a forty-something yr old still studying cool chinese medicine. i mean, unique.
anyway. i decided that after the exams i'm gonna revamp this whole thing. yea. man....exams. let's see. i'll probably get like three a1s, three Bs, and just hoping to pass the remaining two. hoping. i'm definitely not aceing the exams this year. okay, time to finish up SS and higher chinese revision. and do a bit of chemistry at night. should i be catching the chelsea match? haha. see first.
see u

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in the sch library during free geog period now.
whalao damn lah. shirin didn even get in. -.-

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okay. just a brief summary of the holidays since im too bored to update everything that happened. haha. i accomplished these:

-0 mugging
-1 band practice
-1 soccer game, 1 bb game, 1 table-tennis game
-1 lousy 'garfield' movie, with expensive yet lousy popcorn
-1 passport-making day
-1 weird day of studying a maths with jerel at the empty space at the end of citylink where it is supposed to be for breakdancers to practise
-2 band meetings
-2 free fast-food lunches
-2 idols not getting into the final 10 unbelievably
- 3 remedials
-4 full times of listening to kenny g's soprano sax hits
-4 blisters on my soles
-5 unsuccessful attempts at up
dating thanks to blogger
-20 times of listening to barry manilow's "can't smile without you"

actually the holidays was like. one-of-a-kind in my studying life. did quite alot of different things for once. fun. ok, 12mins to midnight. today was meaningful. first, dad drove the family back to our old house at petir rd in bukit panjang. everything started flashing back. the badminton court where i never failed to thrash joseph in. (ok. over-exaggerated a little.) the park which was special in a way that the path is two big stones at the sides and a small pathway in the centre. anyway. hey, i did miss u as a friend. thanks for today.

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still waiting for the kickoff of holland vs czech. damn. anyway the previous two days were like fun..and slack. monday. had physics tys session for 3hrs before postman pat let us off. so i went to chenyi's house with fatts, brendan, marcus n shersern. it was farn rocking in his house. i think we can form a band. a jazz band to be exact. me on the trumpet, brendan the vocalist, the other 4 can play any guits. marcus on drums. yofatts on the cello. wait. the other 2 are guitarists. no jazz band already. nvm. then we went to play table tennis. in singles, then pairs. i think marcus wants me to say that he thrashed my ass. haha. a bit of vulgarity wouldn kill would it? yeah 1 hr pingpong session was damn fun. then we went holland v to lunch. after that went home. nice day. tuesday went for 1 hr physics tys, then 1 1/2 hr of chem. then played bb with jun, nathan, yunkai n sum others. we were sweating like hell after the game. i wore black. damn. today was boring. doing homework n stuff. practising hell lots of trumpet these two days. anyway here i am waiting for the match. having a slight headache since i didn bathe even after walking under the rain today. maybe i'll shower now. maybe. okay. time to catch up with e maths till 2.30. hmm.later today we will be hearing a decision of a lifetime. i guess we'll just respect the decision okay? yeah. signing off

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twelve months ago i made a wish. it didn come true. twelve months on and i made one again. man. u gotta walk me through the road.

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finally i'm updating again. hmm. let's see..
sunday. do u christians out dere want to see wad a non-christian's sunday morning is all abt? haha. i'll show u. actually its kinda boring. i start off waking at 7 to read the new paper which wud b right at the doorstep. den breakfast and time to practise piano to prepare for the afternoon lesson. all the way till 11, i set off for tuition. nice to see the same, good ole pple who have been at the centre since p4! haha. damn funny as me n roy were like hitting the metal ladder. so it 'resonated' n sounded like some monk's rituals. teacher complains. heck. den i'd have gone for piano cls straight after that. the night's kinda weird. hmm. try standing on one foot and looking out at the dark dark sky thru the window for 40 mins. u'd start thinking abt all sorts of things. haha.
monday. boring. oh, marcus lim n chris sun's birthdays! haha. after sch we had sectionals in cls rooms. finally band sort of ran smoothly. for once. to those frm 3.4, if ur class tables are screwed up after on tuesdays..its my fault. hahaha. well. den dont sit in the front rows then. lol.
tuesday. we had a tcher's day class party. dad drove me to get the sotong balls in the wee hours of the morning. then i reached sch at 6.30 and started eating fried noodles plus one sotong ball. that's why the class stinked in the morning. guo hui said it smelt like burnt peanut?? nathan said it smelt like shit?? haha. oh btw chenyi, shit isn a vulgarity. really. the first period, we walked around the outer perimeter of sch for 'aces day'. crapped along the way. so we held the party after that..missing double pe periods as we chilled out in class. then there was the celebrations. i couldn get to hear zhenghao's skills!!. lousy MR guys, or is it their president howard? hahaha. so marcus, marcus, jun, zh, ivan n melvin performed. oh before that the pm lee's son was like, acting retarded again after he received a prize for being the highest donor of 5000 bucks to the sch's 118 project. 2nd time in the row, cos he did the same thing on monday. after that i went to meet up with renn, keynes, yongjun, kiang n shawn to return back to dls. kinda boring as these 6 of us were the onli ones frm 6a to return. gave ang his wishes and we went back to lot 1 to lunch at kfc. then played bb before going out for a hair-cut. reached home, went online n listen to brendan crap about so much imaginary we can do. play hide-n-seek on the train?! stupid. hahaha.
- - -
just came back frm getting an order for new specs. unfortunately its some weird, i mean unique brand, not like lijai...oakley specs eh....haha. i will try to finish the never-ending pile of e maths hw by today. try.

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oh my god. this is damn spastic but hilarious. a must-read. some IB stuff frm mingxuan on yo fatts. hahaha.. was laughing my ___ off.
Character profile

It was another hot day with the sun blazing down on me. I am just fifty metres away from the finishing line. I had to hold on. After the final struggle, I came in top ten in my class! It was a dream comes true.

I still remember the day when I was with two of my best friends.

“Who is Yo Fats?” questioned Rayan

“Oh it’s David.” said Zi Qiang.

“Whoa, if David is Yo Fats, Joshua is Yo Damn Fats!” exclaimed Rayan.

Since then, whenever I got bullied by friends, I will start say “I am Fat”. Everyday, I looked forward to recess. I will sleep in classes and had to have my friends wake me up say, “Wake up Fat Ass!” It was the worse days of my life.

During my physical
education lesson, I will always come in last place. I will be scolded by my classmates for coming in so late thus delaying them from recess. Even teachers started calling me names. I was the focus of attention, becoming the fattest person in my school. Everyday, I will pray to god to help me become thin.

One day, during my physical education lesson, my teacher told everyone that there is going to be a 2.4 kilometres competition in the school two months later. This was my chance to get rid of my nickname. I was determined to prove my friends wrong.

Everyday, I run after school and before dinner for 2 kilometres. My metabolism rate became so high that I ate twice what my friends ate. Even during those periods, friends will laugh at me for running. People will say nasty things about me. The worst was when I sat on a faulty chair and it broke causing everyone nearby to start jeering saying that I did a great job.

Finally, it was the day of the competition. The first one kilometre was easy, however, as it continued on I felt like I was dehydrating. I felt like being pressed down by all the sweat. I told myself I had to press on; I must not let my hard work go to waste. Finally, it was over. I achieved my goal.

From that day onwards, I became more self confidence and I made a rap for my self too. It goes “ YoYoFats, uhhuh, uhhuh, yeayea.”

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