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shit. the piano concert is in 2 hrs. and i'm here practising persis n fate of the gods. smart eh.

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wasted 4 hrs of my life today at the concert. i played ok. den the other 3 diploma students played. boring piano music. forget it. haha. but that gershwin piece by jensen wasn too bad. nice.
lets backtrack. yeah..played tennis during pe. i was lousy. lousier than i expected. lol. den more sch. and den after sch went to kap with kenneth koh n den we went baton-shopping at accent's. but there was such a small variation of batons. none looked gd. yet i still got this green peanut-looking one. dr lee has to agree to it first tmr. haiz. oh, i saw teow's dad. a mini-version of his son. haha. tmr's cip will b a total waste of time. argh.
nothing much..signing off. night

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this is gonna be short. nothing much to say today. band went least there wasn any major screw-ups except the part where shau ching screamed at me. sorry mdm. haha. argh. i think i'm gonna get screwed if she takes me for mep pract. hahaha. heck. more about band. haha. pple getting stressed and stuff. poor guys. straining themselves and already doing so much work already, yet they still have countless stuff left to settle. sounds just like myself. haha. but i think they'll get pass this round. no doubts yeah. gonna buy batons tmr. finally, time to spend money which doesnt even belong to me.
haha. marcus low. haha. be very careful next time. lols.

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i was just reading about this guy. this guy i know. went to australia and yea.. turned gay. den he stated in his web that about how his parents were disappointed n stuff..poor guys, and all about his ex-s. man. i just don feel right about all these homosexualism. haha. that day at crescents' we saw these two girls holding hands, laughing at each other too. haha, not u rachel. but i dont promote it. yeah.
on a lighter note, here is a nice song by 411, about a quarreling couple:

I can't fall down on my knees
And apologise to you
Cos that ain't my style

I remember how we met,
It was on the train
How could I forget?
You smiled and you looked at me
The soft of your lips, it captured me
The whole ride down we kept our eyes on each other
And then we sat down together
You gave me your number,
Said Give me a call
I thought I wouldn't call at all
Here we are, fell in love
Like hand to glove
Pure bliss from above
Now all we seem to do is fuss and fight
We never seem to get it right

I can't fall down on my knees
And apologise to you
Cos that ain't my style (x2)

I remember the night when we were home alone
You were on the sofa, I was on the phone
You overheard me call out my best friend's name
That's when you went crazy, started going insane
Grabbed the phone from my hand,
Backed me against the wall
Shouting and asking
Who was on the call?
You wouldn't believe me
When I said it's just a friend
That's when all the matters began

I can't fall down on my knees
And apologise to you
Cos that ain't my style (x2)

He's got you begging on your knees,
Crying in your sleep
Making you believe him
But you're stronger
Than you'll ever know, girl
You control your own world
No need to take no more

And yo' I asked you to calm down
Asked you who was on the phone put the horn down
You had a glass of wine a Versace night gown, a lime green one
That I brought you for the trip from the
cruise you won,
I don't approve of those male friends, (no)
I told you back then when we first got together,
I don't trust those men
And you did it again
I lost my temper, blinked out and wrecked the house boo
That's all I remember, I'm sorry

He's got you begging on your knees,
Crying in your sleep
Making you believe him
But you're stronger
Than you'll ever know, girl
You control your own world
No need to take no more

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finally updating. work is keeping me off the com .. so yeah..gotta wait till a quiet saturday morning to get it running again.
lets see. haha. i got 35/35 for mep harmony. beat that. hahaha. mep was boring AGAIN. then after class i was talking to shawn while waiting for my dad. haha. he wants to set up a jazz band in acsi. weird..and quite impossible. but it'll be nice.. jazz bands r definitely more fun than symphonic bands or gay chamber orchestras. oh. i forgot to put 'with all due respects to the chamber'. lol. thursday. nothing much too. band after sch but there was practically nothing to do. simple songs meant for the recruits, so i just sat and slacked. oh, i ate one rambutan frm dp lenie cho. haha. mark had a rambutan fight with the-----rubbish bin.
friday. the most hectic day in my acsi life. blurdy. anyway i didn care much about amaths test part a, so in the morning i went upstairs n buzzed. den we had the two separate a maths tests which i totally flunked, the chemistry test which i totally flunked, and ting xie which i, well, flunked. all in a day. siao. after dat went to the band rm to practise mep duet piece with mx. mark was there too, milton as well. bolero is boring man. play jazz. please..haha.

um. i have to play at a concert on tuesday. haven memorised the pieces yet. hahas. heck lah.

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woots. sat mornins r boring without music. live music. ahh. anyway time to relive memories. mm. fun memories at italy. hahaha. here it goes..
for a start, listen up. yes u. do NOT go to rome for a holiday, cos its darn boring. unless u have ur frens there. haha. ok that's where i went with the band last dec. everything rawked, the 5 degrees celsius weather, the food, the pple, the chicks, the music. aah. we went there via bangkok. and plane ride was sat with lijai thru out n it was fun chilling out there with that xxxxxx rich kid. thai plane food was gd. flight attendants too.hahha. we arrived in rome den went museums blah, in the freezing weather. den went to this princess hotel where air con was about opening the windows. natural air-con. kewl. sight seeing again the nxt day like the colosseo. yea, the place where britney, iglesias n co. shot the gladiator ad. oh, and quite a few acsi guys got cheated by brazillians who 'sold' a friendship band for 25/50euros. marcus. haha. day4- went onto the ferry for an overnight sail to cagliari. fun fun. me, jerel, jianwei n kenneth foo were on the same tiny room. we woke up early in the morning to play some card game. den i lost like 15euro before everyone else lost money n so we canceled the game..haha. we transferred to setar hotel where i had superb breakfast with jerel n the rest. oh setar hotel was best man. lots of taopoks, and sick stuff. and on the last night, i think, was the best. went over to mark n mx's to stay for the night. we cooked noodles ourselves. yes. ourselves. not cup noodles. and the best part was watching tv. not the normal tv shows u would see in spore. hahaha. still remember mx's quote. farnie man. i miss the pastas with cheese n gelatos. "piu cheese, piu cheese". wah shiok. den we trained hard the next few days and competed. well, we sucked as the youngest band, so we went off empty-handed, but it was a cool experience, especially that pro oboe solo frm this italian woman. damn nice. mark n lijai were like trying to take photos of some italian girls. haha. not bad. cute. and cagliari is a uber nice place. didn get to see zola though. me, jerel, mx, mark, n some others walked around the shops. cool but expensive. so we settled for 'valburger' and breads. and i somehow dropped a tall ice-cream cone at val. wth. wasted. yeah, but it was damn fun walking around n saying hello to the locals. esp this two girls with their bfs. hahaha. remember mark? the guys looked pissed off. then mx got us to buy bitter chocolates. 'thanks'. we went back to the ferry to return to rome again. mark and ljai were at it again, taking photos of a girl. then i took photos of sunrise at the top of the ferry. damn cool but it was freezing at the top. played plenty of hearts, taitees, bridge. then took a flight to transit at bangkok and back to spore. we had great tomyam soup at bangkok which ian introduced. farn man. haha.
great experience yeah. so many things to look back at. like me and mark having soft spots on the opposite sex wearing white windbreakers. eating a coffee ice cream in the cold. the coach rides. taking photos. the sick green disgusting helluva pool at setar. amazing buffet breakfast. playing as one at the concert. foo's hair full of dandruff. lester's sick jokes on board. italy rawwked. thanks jerel for being a great room-mate and friend. mingxuan for revealing the other side of u. haha. mark for ur never-ending humour n telling me ur life stories, remember rome airport? and everyone else in the trip. great great trip. but not worth the three thousand bucks. haha. just love these kind of trips. especially with friends around.

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had a screwed mep test ytd. i didn study at all. honest. haha. but i was rescued frm the harmony paper. easy lah..yeah. returned home to sleep. the whole day, and night. oh i realised marcus had a blog, well.. and a girl too. haha.
yeah. no pract today, so its time to finish up many undone stuff. gorta finish transcribing rom n jul, and yeah..lots to do. cya

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national day was crappy. just kept playing com thru out the parade and den watched sg idol, which was crappy too. haha. the guy with the 'voice' is just damn funny. hahaha. the producers are smart to let us watch spastic guys and hung wannabes on the first episode..
slept thru yesterday. boring
today was funn. haha. acsi i went out with merli to return scores at the esplanade library. den we joined brendan, kenneth n chenyi to watch i,robot at the same small, crappy theatre where i saw around the world in 80 days. its stupid, i meant the theatre. the movie wasn that bad, quite classy n brendan likes will smith's abs. hahaha. everyone got sick of popcorn as we shared this biig tub. den we went to play lan at some ulu place. quite fun, and funny, haha. chenyi actually could kill. haha. but lui is damn pro. damn damn pro. even better at stabbing mx. haha. den i went home with lui. yeah..gonna catch sg idol n amazingrace lat'r so cya..

fun, fun day..

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hey hi!!!!! haha tis is brendan. im guest blogging ^^ so kewl rite? yah of coz. thx jazz guy. =D

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today was interesting. reached sch at 6.15 for the national day celebrations. had to wait so damn long until i cld march in with the flagbearers. irritating. anw i stood at the the corner to hear milton play a gd fanfare for the anthem b4 joining the band. den went to receive a kinda useless cert, and tan see keng screwed us up. haha. after that was the comm meeting and den we cleared up the comm rm. not too bad considered we needed three big rubbish bags n a container just for unwanted stuff found in a rm as big as one and a half times of a toilet. den after that went to kap with mil, mark, bryan, yo-slim for lunch. den set off to milton's house for class bbq. haha. i didn know i missed tennis so much. it was fun being able to hit low hard shots but still didn get to play a match with marcus.. anyway the bbq was fun. lijin was gd at cooking man. like milton's mom quoted, "a great husband to have" or something like dat. haha. about 20 were there. den we went off at 11 plus. thanks milton..even tho we gave u much trouble..haha.
woke up today weary, tired, sleepy with sore legs. went for piano lesson at 1015 den tuition at 1130 straight after. i need a break.

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thx ruggers. an added full-day holiday on wednesday and maybe a full no-lesson day on thurs due to the charity bazaar makes school Fun. these few days went past pretty fast. nothing much actually. taking over the band, much planning, boring mep lessons and sleeping throughout a maths doubles were the nice ones. at least the first of 2 a maths lessons was 'marred' by a fire drill. running was fun too, cuz i pushed to 8.20 for 2k by following chris n jingwei. well, i tried to. haha. den today went back to dls to meet up with the guys. didn do much, thnx mr.ang for the pizzas n pasta. that's all i guess.

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ok. more bout band night. honestly it wasn as brilliant as the rehearsals on friday. but tian tee is still unbelievably gd in psychological warfare. haha. anyway it went quite ok. i screwed up my solo and contributed plentiful of trumpet squeaks unnecessarily. but it was great to see so many pple there..thnx to chenyi, fatts, marcus, lijin, jun, mark, pernyi, vishnu, iskandar, junhao, acjc n barker road peeps, and many more i missed out. anw the night ended perfectly. haha. being the dm n sc wud be tough, but yeah i'll be up to the job. congrats mingxuan!! band major!! and we had soccer after band nite. cool. gold next year guys. rawk on.

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today was crappy. especially a maths. so yea i'm not looking forward to sch at all. hopefully practice, national day celebrations n the 2.6 bbq on sat might bring some cheer. haha.

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fine. i just created this blog. to keep track of my own stuff etc..? yeah. have fun blog-surfing the rest of u guys out there. cya.

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